As part of Govt. compliance, ECOBILLZ offers C-Form automation solution for Hotels to manage Foreign guests

Nitesh Singh Rathore, Founder & CMO, Ecobillz Private Limited
Nitesh Singh Rathore, Founder & CMO, Ecobillz Private Limited

Belagavi, Karnataka, 19th December 2022– Ecobillz, a B2B digitization SaaS platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide advanced paper-free digital guest experiences and automates backend operations, has come up with a hi-tech solution for Hotels to fulfil the FRRO (Foreign Regional Registration Office) compliance mandated by Government of India. The automate solution offered by Ecobillz is one-of-a-kind technology which provides integrated solution to the Hotels hosting foreign guests and helps them easily scan the photo ID/VISA details, automatically fill up the mandatory C-form and also submit it on FRRO website in real time.

In a boost to tourism industry, the technology solution provides an end-to-end solution to the hotels where they not only save on backend resources in filling up the details and submitting to FRRO within stipulated time, but also ensure that the guests are not disturbed repeatedly, once their digital check-in is done.

Nitesh Singh Rathore, Founder & CMO, Ecobillz Private Limited said, “Submitting details of foreign guests to FRRO within stipulated time period has always been a headache for Hotels. Bigger the Hotel, more the international guests and higher the time and resources they use to go through these mandatory steps. It really needs a workforce for all details to be correctly uploaded and in timely manner. For visitors from Pakistan and Bangladesh, the stipulated time for C-Form details to be uploaded on FRRO website is 8 hours and 12 hours, implying a lesser time than 24 hours, making it harder for the Hotel staff.”

“With our C-form automation solution, it now scans the entire document set of the guest when the guest digitally checks in and fills up the details in the form automatically. Once the AI engine fills up the form and the user approves, it goes ahead to submit the data on the Govt. FRRO website – all by itself. Entire process needs little or no human intervention. This product has saved Hotels hours of manpower and resources, while making the process error free and ensuring compliance,” Rathore added.

Incidentally, C Form is mandatory government procedure designed for collecting prerequisite information of foreigner guest whose accommodation is made in the Hotel. This is required from a security point of view and the guest has to provide details such as passport number, phone number, purpose of visit, visa details, stay details, and country names.

“It is important to showcase how technology can impact businesses to become more efficient and this tool is a necessity. Soon Ecobillz plans to allow Hotels to purchase the product as a SaaS license right from their website and experience the product. We plan to offer it in three flavours, depending on the affordability quotient of the hotels. A 5-star hotel may subscribe to the full suite of C-Form automation, but we plan to release minimalist version of the product for our low budget Hotels as well”, Rathore said.

Ecobillz, currently working with 200+ Hospitality establishments across India, is also planning to expand globally in Africa, Europe, Middle East, UAE and South East. Ecobillz is onboarding 10 hospitality properties every month to its existing list of properties and sincerely aims that they could make a foray into sustainability index of India.