Bizz-Buzz: International Business Networking Platform for Indian Businesses

Bizz-Buzz International Business Networking Platform for Indian Businesses

The year 2017, marks the launch of Shamoor’s Bizz-Buzz initiative, wherein businesses from Delhi-NCR will be featured on a special online platform tailor-made to reach millions. One can be a world famous Chaat shop based out of Chandni Chowk or a new-age Hogwarts themed cafe from South-ex. This is a one-of-a-kind stage which pours young blood into old veins. Such an amalgamation of wisdom, strategy, innovation, and emotions when improvised evolves into a revolutionary idea.

“We write stories, We read stories, We aspire to become a story.”
Initially showcasing Delhi based businesses only, Bizz-Buzz has plans of expanding rapidly into a pan-India brand. Mr Jain, owner of Jain Narrow Fabrics, is very pleased with the exposure his company is receiving thanks to Bizz-Buzz. He adds, “We have been in the industry for over half a century now and no initiative has targeted the grassroots like Bizz-Buzz. Many of my contemporaries, who did not understand the intricacies of New Media have greatly benefitted from this online presence accorded to their business by Bizz-Buzz.”

Anyone can access the Bizz-Buzz authorized database of businesses on the website

Bizz-Buzz International Business Networking Platform for Indian Businesses

The organizer Shamoor is an award-winning 360° marketing and strategic brand building Company based out of New Delhi, India. In the nascent years the founders faced several technical and financial obstacles while setting up an online presence. They noticed that several like-minded businesses in India that had the great potential to flourish in the growing Indian economy lacked means to exhibit their talent.

“In fact, there was an imminent fear of being sabotaged by the aggressive marketing strategy of MNCs.”
Bizz Buzz is an attempt to facilitate all these pioneers to achieve their well-deserved victory lap. A business-person need not have any knowledge of internet or social media. S/he need not even invest a vast amount of time in online promotion. Members of the Shamoor team outreach hundreds of Delhi-based businesses, take their details and then create an array of creatives uniquely designed for each business. The business owners are then free to use this media on WhatsApp, FB, Insta, Twitter and various allied media.

There is a special option for patrons of Startup Success Stories to feature their businesses on this platform via this LINK. The first 50 entries will get an opportunity to be featured FREE OF COST on Roomash, a leading international multi-media platform, with a reach of over 500000 potential customers.