Can Stayzilla and other startups be treated with more dignity and respect?


Have you come across any of relatives or friend who is not getting an opportunity to work? Imagine if someone can support and be a source of earning. India will be a better place to live if everybody is working.

Standing and supporting each other can bring significant change. The startup is buzzing word. But starting up and running a company requires a lot of mental strength and efforts to make the company successful. They risk their own life and whole career to create jobs for others, provide shelter for the entire family and enable many to improve skills. There are several companies which are started up to ease our basic needs. If you are looking for answers, there is Google. If you are hungry, there is FoodPanda. If you are looking to make international call with less cost, then there is Whatsapp. If you are planning to buy a dress, then there is Snapdeal, Myntra, Flipkart. There are Ola and Uber for comfortable traveling anywhere within the city. Most of are using these service to comfort ourselves. Most of us would have taken advantage of these companies at some point in time. Many businesses have made our life simpler and easier.

 What does India need?
In Election, the propaganda is to for employment generation. India needs to create more Jobs. India has the world largest youth population. Channelizing the youth aspiration in right track can take India to great heights. More jobs will be created when there will attract more companies. Entrepreneurs create jobs. If Infosys was not supported during initial days, today it won’t be able to employ around 2 lakh people till today.

Stayzilla story – Story of many upcoming Entrepreneurs
The countries with more population need more entrepreneurs to provide employment.

“Harassed” “Arrested “and “family Troubles” are scary for any individual. These are the last thing that any person would want for himself and for his/her family. Considering, Stayzilla as the case story.

Many businesses come into existence- some are successful, and some are not. Many companies are successful after series of past struggles like Telsa, Twitter, Amazon and even discovery of Bulb.

Arrest of Yogendra has raised many questions
As per reports, Stayzilla owed money to the Advertising agency.  It is founder members responsibility to resolve the cases. There was no need of Police to arrest him in the middle of the night. It is a complete murder of dignity. It should not be treated as the criminal case if it is considered to be a civil case.

The landlord behavior was shocking and harsh. What are the actions taken based on the FIR ? Receiving a doll photo with Sachit (co-founder) son would have scared the family to the core.

The legal system is questioned in this case. It takes the time to file a FIR and also police can give a reason and can create delays in giving the FIR. Going to 2 different police stations in 2 different places for the same case doesn’t make sense.


  • The need is the supportive ecosystem.
  • Clear differentiation between civil and criminal cases
  • Safe environment for discussion and resolving dispute
  • Faster action for FIR filed.

There is need of respecting entrepreneurs and held the issue with more dignity. As a citizen, we expect that Police should solve the matter with thorough knowledge and respect. There should be proper information of FIR to both the parties and discussion rather than putting a person directly in jail. In that case, anyone can put anyone in prison on a false claim. Those who have money power or support from minister can only escape.

Stayzilla agreed to reboot. It’s a part of business cycle. It should be considered that once it employed several people. It provides a source of earning for many employees and house owners who gave their house as rent. It contributed in paying tax. It eased many people’s life who wanted cheap accommodations.

Stayzilla started a business from 2005 and continued till 2017. Many companies would have suffered similar situation but aren’t in the news probably because of the popularity and famous.

For any person after studies, Normal is applying for Jobs, and abnormal is entrepreneurs. Starting your own company means moving away from the smooth pattern of life like no more fixed time to come home. But many people think it’s easy to jump from employee to employer. It is actually the hardest choice made by an individual. However, the decisions are usually driven for personal reasons. Can you jump from your job and create something new of your own? There is a requirement of medical innovation, technology for improving an existing process. Training people in the village can bring income to a lot of households. Instead of dying because of hunger and inability to pay the loan, there will have an alternative source of revenue to earn.

India needs a legal framework to address business troubles. Any harassment or insecurity will affect the startup founders.  Doing business is important is all enterprise but it’s the most important and critical for a startup. They can’t afford to spend money, efforts in resolving landlord issues, registration issues, and approvals. If India has the talent, it should be able to reap benefits. Otherwise many skilled people will move to different countries to start their venture. India will be the biggest looser and Indians will be a victim.

All the people who are working for an established company must realize that their business was once a startup. Remember that your present salary is comforting your family needs and your children are able to go to a school for a better future. Now it’s time to support start up so that it can grow and become a successful company in the future.