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Startups in West Bengal

NSDC and AVPL International Sign MoU to Establish 70 Skills and Incubation Hubs for Global Employment in Drone, IoT, Agriculture, and Allied Sectors

Learn about the partnership between NSDC and AVPL International to set up 70 Skills and Incubation Hubs, aimed at boosting vocational training in high-demand sectors.

Fusion Micro Finance Secures $25 Million Loan from U.S. Development Finance Corporation

Fusion Micro Finance secures USD 25 million loan from U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC)

Niyogin Fintech Expands Portfolio with Acquisition of Superscan from Orbo.ai

Niyogin Fintech Limited Acquires “Superscan” from Orbo.ai, Set to Accelerate Digital Transformation.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Unveils SusHi Tech Tokyo Global Startup Programme 2024

Explore cutting-edge solutions for urban challenges at SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024, where startups from around the world gather to showcase their innovations in sustainability, infrastructure, and culture.

How This Startup Came Up With the Idea of JEE-Daily Magazine – A Startup Story

JEE-Daily is an online magazine published by InnovED Global Private Limited, a Kolkata based start-up established 1.5 years ago. It aims at guiding students...

Imagined Jewellery at Doorstep : Tradition Meets Convenience With This Kolkata Based Unique Startup

We are publishing an interview of Mr. Sunil Sony, Co-founder, Jewelebration. About the founders  Sunil Sony – (Co-Founder): Sunil is passionate about Internet and the shift...

How IIT Career is helping IITians in landing their dream job?

Landing a job is always a difficult, mundane and time taking task even for a candidate from a Premier institute like IITs. We all...

This Startup Develops a Platform to Make All Legal & Taxation Work Simple & Accessible to All Startups & SMEs in India

We are publishing an interview of Mr. Subh Jha, CEO, Legal Salah. About the founders  1. Sujit Jha (advocate) - COO, Legal Salah. 2. Abhinit Kumar Singh (CA), MD,...

This Kolkata Based Bootstrapped EduTech Startup Beats Funded Giants in IIT Advance Result

A Kolkata based bootstrapped EduTech startup, InnovED Global, is turning into an unstoppable force and giving funded giants a run for their money. Sayak...

This Startup Has Created an AI Based Game Development Platform to Help Developers for Learning Codes and Build the Games

We are publishing an interview of Mr. Souparno Majumder, CEO, Cuboid.io - This Kolkata based startup has created an AI based game development platform to help...

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