College Students Can Now Enjoy Memorable Lifestyle Experience Exclusively Curated For Them

College Students Can Now Enjoy Memorable Lifestyle Experience Exclusively Curated For Them

There’s a lot going on around the college campus, things to explore and make the most out of your on-campus experience. Sometimes it’s hard to decide between the many lifestyle choices like enjoying a meal with a roommate, going to a movie, gym for fitness, hangout places for fun, spas or salon — an endless list which beckons for getting involved and connect with other students on the campus. These are infinite opportunities but the students have limited availability of funds.

College Students Can Now Enjoy Memorable Lifestyle Experience Exclusively Curated For ThemEven though the college centric-student market is vibrant, yet it poses a special set of challenges as students are cash-strapped, making it a difficult market to penetrate. This is how ‘ZipZapDeals’ – India’s first and largest lifestyle platform, catering to the college centric students has been born. The company has therefore introduced ’Zipzapdeals Card” as the only discount and deals card for meeting the consumption and expense needs of students. Targeting college students on their own turf by offers (deals and coupons) is an innovative way for students to save money.

ZipZapDeals platform acts like a GPS tool where students can navigate their lifestyle requirements and needs, thereby providing them with real time online updates on offers. The platform enables small vendors around the campus hangout to big retailers like Cafe Coffee Day, Gold Gym, Junkyard Cafe etc to offer exclusive lifestyle offers (deals & discounts) for campus students only. Student can avail discounts and deals via the premium cards. They can buy vouchers from website which can be used to take advantage of the offers prevalent on spas, shopping, movies, food and more.

According to Siddharth Sharma – Founder of ZipZapDeals speaking on similar lines said, “Students have limited source of finance and they always look for exclusive discounts and freebies. Our unique platform captures the imagination of students and thereby becoming an integral part of their lifestyle.

He further added that “We also bring together vendors brands by creating unforgettable experiences for college students via discounts and deals inside the campus and their nearby hangouts areas. We are able to reach these students during a time in their lives when they are beginning to establish their own opinions and preferences, beyond those of their parents, thereby presenting ZipZapDeals an opportunity to foster long-term brand loyalty and profitability for our vendors for a lifetime.”

This innovative online platform brings vendors (small & established) and big brands on the ZipZapDeals platform. The start-up is expert in providing vendors, companies, brands and service providers with the very best means of promotion for genuine engagement with the student & youth market on the college campus. On one hand the company builds real relationships with the college campus student audience to deliver tangible results for vendors. On the other hand, they provide exclusive lifestyle offers for the college campus students both within the college and in the city.

The company is present in more than 4 cities and expanding. They cater to different categories like Food & Drinks, Entertainment, Health & Fitness, Hangouts, Spa & Salon and have a network with over 1,000 vendors.