Ecole Intuit.lab Announces Commencement of 2018 Edition of ‘digital Design Pro’, Providing UI/UX, a Global “in Demand” Skill

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29th January, 2017. Mumbai: Ecole intuit.lab announces the commencement of its 2018 edition of its ‘Digital Design Pro’ programme. The six-month part-time course will provide knowledge and practical hands-on experience in graphic design, brand design, interface design, interaction design, technology and strategic decision-making.

UI designers need to know composition and graphic design while having a knack for palettes, typography and branding in-order to make an interface attractive. A UX designer conducts user research and surveys to make the digital interfaces more effortless and enjoyable for the consumer.

This professional programme will open up opportunities to work as a UI/UX designer with upcoming and established companies. Digital Design Pro graduates can work in varied roles, from product, app, and website design to front-end-developing among several others including kick-starting digital campaigns and initiatives for corporate & brands.

UI/UX careers are among 2018’s hottest careers according to Forbes and CNN.

Arun Kale, Programme Director, has been with Ecole intuit.lab for the past five years as a digital design instructor and has a wealth of experience. He has been developing websites for over 11 years for a large number of clients.

Ecole intuit.lab’s philosophy of giving students extensive practical experience enables them to take up meaningful careers after completion of their education. This is a significant differentiator in their UI/UX programme.

Associate Vice President of Operations at the institute, Yan Garin said “At Ecole intuit.lab we focus on giving our students the skills and knowledge needed to take up a career or even start their own entrepreneurial venture.” He added, “There is no better way to learn agile and fluid design process than by getting one’s hands dirty and not being afraid to break things in pursuit of knowledge.”

The programme will include sessions by industry veterans and leaders, allowing students to gain expertise designing for digital platforms from websites to smartphone applications and more.

About Ecole intuit.lab:
Ecole intuit.lab is a French Graphic Design and Visual Communication Institute co- founded by advertising stalwart Ravi Deshpande (Whyness Worldwide) in collaboration with Patrick Felices, Clément Derock and Frédéric Lalande.

Spread over 3 campuses located in India and France (Mumbai, Paris and Aix-en-Provence), it has a network of 23 partner universities around the world. Ecole intuit.lab is a member of the prestigious International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media, CUMULUS.

The institute aims to produce highly skilled designers and art directors who are attuned to the needs of the world of commerce and business and equipped to adapt their art in order to meet them. Ecole intuit.lab Mumbai offers academic programs that are global in nature, thanks to an international curriculum and visiting global faculty.