This Fashion App Aiming to Transform Every Woman Into a Fashionista!!

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logo - EstiloRobeEstiloRobe is a fashion app that aims to provide a one-step solution for all fashionistas via wardbrobe management and various professional stylists.

As a user, you can store all your wardrobe in a digitalized format on your smartphone and make new whimsical looks from your existing wardrobe itself. What more, you can also send in your looks to a professional stylist from within the EstiloRobe app and ask for their opinion and ideas regarding the same.

HomeBirth of EstiloRobe: Launched on 29th July 2016, EstiloRobe is the brain child of two childhood friends, Pooja Aggarwal, an IIFT graduate and Pahul K Mahajan, a NIFT graduate, who met during their school days at DPS Mathura Road and discovered their mutual love for clothes and shoes. An offhand comment by Pahul’s husband regarding her never knowing what she owns in her cupboard and Pooja’s family always fuming about her inability to decide what to wear while going out, led to the birth of EstiloRobe. A one-step app for your digital closet and your own personal stylist for all the special occasions.

Idea behind EstiloRobe: The startup is based on the idea to help women between 18 and 35 (or above having keen sense of fashion) decide or plan their outfits by providing them access to their ward robe on their mobile phones. When it comes to dressing up for an occasion or for work, women often tend to shop new items which leads to more and more clothes/accessories in their wardrobe which were not really required in the first place or are copies of something they already own. Every woman today finds herself being pressed between time and money, so the co-founders devised a solution which would encourage them to use their old clothes and create new and innovative looks to wear, without wasting more money or putting in extra time.

My closet

A market research into the everyday problems faced by women, with regards to their wardrobes, led to the creation of EstiloRobe, an app that lets the users create a virtual closet by uploading the images of their current wardrobe items into their smartphone. This will help the women today to re-vamp and re-invent their style of dressing by mixing and matching various items from the virtual closet to create new looks from their old wardrobe. The app also connects the users with a team of stylists who can help the users seek personalized fashion advice to help them in making the right styling decisions.

SplashCost structure of EstiloRobe: The app is freemium. The only feature chargeable is “ask the stylist”, where a professional stylist helps you decide your outfit for a particular occasion at a very minimal fee. The model has been designed keeping in mind the lifestyles of a student and a working woman, helping them dress up for any occasion without reaching for their credit cards every time.

Style EditorThe co-founders have created a sustainable revenue model to ensure the profitability of the company, in a long run. Currently a self-funded startup, they are currently looking for investors to accelerate their growth plans. Various other features are in the pipeline, to be introduced in the Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the app, once the startup receives the funding to push them forward.

Co-Founders and Team: Pooja Aggarwal is an IT Engineer and MBA graduate from IIFT with 3 years of experience in IT industry and now working as a consultant with a MNC. A marketing enthusiast having an empathetic personality, she handles the Marketing and the User Engagement for the app. Pahul K Mahajan is a fashion graduate from NIFT with 6 years of experience in various apparel industries. A fashion lover with impeccable taste and cheery attitude, would be looking after the Design and Fashion Styling part of the app. Vikrant Mahajan is an engineer from IIT and will be working on the overall strategy building and revenue generation part of the app. Trivial Works are their coding partners and would be managing the Coding and the Backend Server Management of EstiloRobe.

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EstiloRobe app provides the user a platform to organize and keep track of all their wardrobe items, virtually. It helps them create different style looks to wear and gives them personalized fashion advises from professional stylists. Currently no single app exists in market which provides all these feature on one platform.

So if you have ever heard yourself or someone else say “I brought the same thing twice by mistake” or “I can’t decide what to wear in such a short time” or even the ever famous “I don’t have anything to wear”, then EstiloRobe is your solution! Now look good, even when you don’t have the time or money to!! Visit today to know more and download the app.