GoodGamer Closes $2.5 Million Seed Round and Reaches 250,000 Registered Users in the First Month


BANGALORE, India | 20th October 2020: GoodGamer Corp. (“GoodGamer” or “the Company“), a Daily Fantasy Sports and Esports Gaming platform, closed a seed funding round for gross proceeds of C$2.5 million. GoodGamer plans to use the gross proceeds from the financing almost exclusively for user acquisition.

Within one month, GoodGamer Fantasy Gaming App has reached 250,000 registered users.

The GoodGamer Fantasy Gaming platform is also the world’s first fantasy cricket app to offer proposition contests or prop contests.

Prop contests are based on specific events during the game that is independent of the final outcome. Prop contests are now one of the fastest-growing segments of the US sports gaming industry. Unlike traditional daily fantasy sports (DFS) contests, where many matches result in a tie because there are only a limited set of permutations and combinations available to users due to the manner in which the contests are graded. GoodGamer prop contests introduce several additional layers that affect the number of points awarded to each individual player in such a user’s team, hence affecting the outcome of the DFS contest. Prop contests result in users having to expand their skill and knowledge horizons beyond the analysis of traditional data points to build a team-based not only on how they expect their roster to perform in traditional scoring but also on the props that are selected for each player (such as wickets, centuries, etc.) therefore emphasizing the role of each player within the real-life match and the DFS roster. With the reduction in ties, the individual prize pools will not be divided up into as many players, maximizing a player’s winnings.

Other never-before-seen features being added to the GoodGamer Fantasy App in the coming months include:

  • In-depth player injury reports and player injury alerts
  • An AI-based lineup optimizer
  • Private contests where the contest creators can earn a commission for creating and managing the contests

“The uptake of our platform by the market has been overwhelming to say the least. We couldn’t be happier with our first month,” said GoodGamer CEO Charles Creighton. “One of my fondest memories will always be sending that first batch of payouts to our daily fantasy winners. To go from that to over 250,000 registered users in less than a month is just exhilarating. Growing pains and late nights have brought our team together and helped create a more cohesive, organized whole. With the help of our seed investors, we’re now able to focus on user acquisition and scale.”

“The results from our first month of operations have proven to us what we always knew India is a great market for us,” said the VP of Operations for India, Ravi Nagarajachar. “We are grateful to be in business here. While we will continue to push for growth, we also want to make sure our users have the best experience we can give them. We’re introducing a number of new experiences and skills-based gaming styles that Indian users haven’t seen before, including prop contests. Not only does the first experience have to be great, but so does the third, fifth, and tenth as our users branch out and try new things within the app. We want to help users find new styles of skills-based games and contests that keep them challenged and entertained.”

GoodGamer Fantasy is now running Guaranteed 1 Lakh daily prize pools with only a ₹1 entry fee. Users can download and register for an account on GoodGamer here.