Homegrown QSR Chain Burger Singh plans to expand in Eastern India; to open six outlets in Jharkhand

Homegrown QSR Chain Burger Singh to enter Jharkhand with 6 outlets

22th February, 2023, Jharkhand: Burger Singh, the largest homegrown burger chain in India, has revealed its expansion plans in Jharkhand by opening six outlets in different locations, including Bokaro Steel City, Bokaro, Deoghar, Dhanbad, Jamshedpur, and Ranchi. To support the new outlets, the QSR chain aims to hire 80 personnel across Jharkhand. With a focus on increasing its presence in the Eastern region of India, Burger Singh has already established a new warehouse in Kolkata to cater to its current and future outlets in the East and Northeast regions.

“Our desi burgers have received much love and appreciation from every neighbourhood, every city and every state we have entered in! And now armed with a potent combination of our signature desi twist and unparalleled customer service, we aim to win over the hearts of people in Jharkhand,” said Kabir Jeet Singh, Founder & CEO, Burger Singh.

Burger Singh, a burger chain with a fusion of Indian and Western flavors, has become the third-largest burger chain in India and the largest ‘Made-in-India’ burger chain in a decade since its inception. In the past year, the QSR chain has experienced rapid growth with its outlets increasing from 50 in December 2021 to over 100 locations across 54 cities. With ambitious expansion plans, the company aims to add more outlets in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and Northeast India. Burger Singh’s profitable unit-level economics has made it a popular choice for investors and budding entrepreneurs who wish to join the franchise network and be a part of its success story.

“It is a source of great pride for us to know that we are closer to our dream of making Burger Singh burgers available to people across Bharat. We are able to do so thanks to the passionate interest from entrepreneurs nationwide who are eager to open Burger Singh franchises in their towns and cities and introduce their communities to indulge in the gastronomical delight we serve in the form of our fusion burgers.” said Rahul Seth, Co-founder, Burger Singh.