How Are Consumers Exploring The Era Of Natural Beauty, Skincare & Wellness

Organic Beauty & Skincare Products

From witnessing a handful of tech companies to dozens and now thousands of innovative new ventures mapping their growth leaps and bounds, India’s startup ecosystem grew immensely in the past decade assisted by the thoughts and vision of Indian Founders. From 29K startups in 2014, the number has grown exponentially from 2015-2018 and touched 55K startups by the end of 2020. However, what 2021 holds for the startup ecosystem is yet to be seen. And, we have all observed this transformative journey for nearly ten years now. What aids the above claim is the fact that we have observed companies invent and innovate on every aspect of the business, be it technology, strategizing, people management or customer understanding under ingenious visionaries. 

Oh that! Natural by Mocemsa Care is one such established natural beauty and skincare brand whose evolution was supported by the glorious vision of its CoFounders, Mr Pulkit Malhotra and Mr Paarth Malhotra. Tied to the niche concerns of its customers in the beauty, skincare and wellness segments, its progress has transformed the skincare game. From its highest-selling SKUs like Strawberry Cheesecake Lip Scrub and Eyeluxe Under Eye Gel to its newly launched SKUs like Lather Junction Face & Body Scrub Grit, all tap different innovative natural skincare segments in the market.

Natural Beauty, Skincare And Wellness Segments Are Creating Ripples In The Industry

Beauty and skincare are expansive businesses – and natural beauty and skincare are all set to expand boundlessly. ‘Natural’ beauty and skincare are emerging trends seeking to clarify the beauty and skincare segments. Several brands in the industry are aiming to correct the murkiness that continues to plague the market. “Evaluating the current transitioning scenario where skincare-loving consumers have grown increasingly conscious of not only what they apply on their skin, but also of the greater environmental impact made by the skincare products they use, the demand for natural cosmetic choices has made it huge! Catering to these thriving and compelling categories in the beauty and wellness space is Oh that! Natural, India’s fastest growing natural, organic beauty, skincare and wellness brand. As a brand, it is essential that we recognize the fact that you’ll always be in the skin you’re in – throughout your life that is. And hence, we guide you step-by-step through honouring and protecting it while taking utmost care of it!  says Pulkit Malhotra, CoFounder, Oh that! Natural.

Surge In the Demand For Organic Beauty & Skincare Products

Natural such beauty, skincare and wellness products no longer just sit still on the prosaic shelves of the stores. In fact, they are being given utmost preference and are growing in popularity, rapidly. Also, they are increasingly becoming the utmost preferable choice for most beauty enthusiasts. 

“The concerned industrial segments are undergoing a paradigm shift from the use of chemical-based beauty products to more natural choices as there is a constantly growing familiarity with the benefits of the latter products among people. People have now understood how adverse chemical-based products can be for their health,” clarifies Mr Paarth Malhotra, CoFounder, Oh that! Natural. As explained earlier, this organic beauty and skincare boom amounts to the larger recent shift in consumer awareness about health, wellness and the environment. Thanks to the increasing number of social media sources dedicated to the benefits of going chemical-free that the consumers have access to more information than ever before.

Recent Influx Of “Clean,” “Organic” And “Natural” Skincare Brands

Leading to this sudden drastic shift to natural, clean and organic-based products, cosmetic brands — from online retailers to the existing large-scale brands — all have and continue to increasingly come out with natural offerings. “Well, it’s an opportunity that all people are eyeing at and trying to get into it with all zeal. But, the problem arises when you see tons of new brands entering the industry trying to make their mark and tons of them exiting at the same speed,” analyses Pulkit. “They are missing out on catering to the quality of what we call as the differentiating factor that supports their survival. In other words, they exist to make big bucks by missing out on the most important factor – providing qualitative natural skincare experiences to their customers. And, further, it’s also resulting in malpractices of making the online fake websites visible to the masses or Amazon reviews or obtaining biased and paid opinions from famous bloggers globally. This eventually hampers the customer’s trust factor in genuine brands.” 

Clean beauty is on its way to becoming the future. It’s still a temporary term still dependent on the customers’ demand. So eventually, all brands will get there. “However, natural beauty and skincare are completely different. That’s what we do, and it goes far beyond being clean. ‘Clean’ is just the baseline and it needs to be done and we feel pride in being an integral a part of an industry that has started its journey towards being less dirty and murky,” claims Mr Paarth. 

It’s a great first step, but there’s still work to be done. According to the current industry trends, the organic beauty and skincare segments are expected to show 8 to 10 per cent per year-on-year growth, with the global market estimated to be worth US$22 billion by 2024.

Focusing on Shortcomings in the Existing Beauty, Skincare & Wellness Segments To Unlock The Awaiting Opportunities

When we talk about beauty, haircare, skincare and wellness industries, there has been a progressive shift towards natural extracts and essential oils as substitutes for chemical-filled ingredients. Given that these have been a part of the long-drawn heritage in India, their familiarity inculcates a general sense of confidence in the product range. 

There exist brands like Oh that! Natural that supports the ideology. Their products do not harm the environment or animals and yet alleviate the skin rather than stripping it off the natural oils or manipulating it with chemicals that harm on their own. In other words, there has been an increased need for vegan and cruelty-free products. 

Paarth Malhotra and Pulkit Malhotra,, CoFounders, Oh that! Natural

This article has been curated by Mr Pulkit Malhotra and Mr Paarth Malhotra, CoFounders, Oh that! Natural.