INDEPENDENCE DAY | The Rise of Homegrown Brands in India


11th August 2023: India, with its rich cultural heritage, diverse population, and burgeoning entrepreneurial ecosystem, has witnessed the rise of numerous homegrown brands that have not only captured the domestic market but also left a mark on the international stage. Several homegrown brands from different states of India are gaining momentum and showing potential for significant growth and impact in India.

This Independence Day: Here are five notable Swadeshi brands in India that have gained prominence for their commitment to promoting local products/ services and contributing to the Indian economy:


Bamwoodo by 750AD healthcare is a unique way of grabbing the people’s attention on oral hygiene. The brand introduces the Indian market to eco-friendly bamboo products at an affordable price. The Bamwoodo range of toothbrush and combs are your best choice to lead a safe and healthy life. Realizing the need for and importance of offering sustainable products to its customers, 750AD, India’s premier healthcare brand has come up with its exclusive range of Charcoal bristles and Castor oil bristle Bamboo brushes- Bamwoodo.

Print2Block: by Print2Block is an enterprise blockchain platform revolutionizing document management. It empowers government bodies and enterprises to protect critical documents from counterfeiting using cutting-edge blockchain technology. With a vision to establish trust and security in document issuance and verification, has achieved significant milestones and garnered widespread acclaim. Print2Block was founded in 2018 by Mr. Joji Varghese and Vignesh Babu Venkatesan who currently heads the Technology at Print2Block.

Sona Machinery:

An undisputed leader in the agro-processing equipment manufacturing industry. They have a Pan India Service & Support Network available for our customers. They also cater to  their customers who are engaged in Grain Milling (Grain Based Distilleries & their EPC), by providing them turn-key plant set-up solutions. Their list of customers includes Large Enterprises, Central & State Government PSU’s, Retail Customers / Farmers who are spread across India as well as Globally. Sona Machinery is among the “Top 10 Industrial Manufacturers” in India as per Industry Outlook and is honoured as “Prestigious Brand of Asia 2023” by Barc Asia & Global Business Symposium.

Scuzo Ice-O-Magic:

Scuzo Ice-O-Magic is India’s First Live Popsicle Concept & Dessert Café, founded by Mr. Gagan Anand, that keeps the spirit of the age-old barf-ka gola or chuski alive and would definitely be the best Summer treat. This dessert cafe aims at providing a platform for all age groups to engage in lively and fun-filled sweet moments without worrying about the sugar content or any side effects on health. This home grown startup is special because it is probably the only dessert company in India that uses pure, healthy, and natural fruits and nuts for preparing its hand-made gelatos, waffles, sundaes, ice cream cakes, and much more without adding oils or cream. It offers a refreshingly wide range of live-making popsicles with a smooth blend of national and international flavors and in-house secret recipes topped with exotic fruits and nuts to accentuate the naturally fresh flavors under one roof. Scuzo Ice ‘O’ Magic has established around 17 franchise outlets and aspires to open 100+ outlets in PAN India by 2024 with their Franchise and company-owned networks.

Steadfast Nutrition: Elevating Indian Sports Nutrition

Steadfast Nutrition is a premium sports and wellness nutrition company on a mission to revolutionize sports nutrition in India. It was introduced with the aim of providing high-quality supplements to both professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all age groups. With a strong focus on quality and innovation, Steadfast Nutrition conducts several lab tests to ensure their products meet the highest standards. Their dedication to excellence enables them to develop the best supplements, which they deliver directly to the customer’s doorstep. As a homegrown brand, Steadfast Nutrition represents the rising wave of indigenous companies in India, catering to the needs of a growing fitness-conscious population. They take pride in serving athletes and fitness enthusiasts, setting a new standard for sports nutrition in the country. With a commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and the advancement of Indian sports nutrition, Steadfast Nutrition emerges as a frontrunner among homegrown brands in India. Trust in their expertise and dedication to elevate your fitness journey.

Ecoline Clothing: Pioneering Sustainable Fashion in India

Ecoline Clothing, an Indian label, disrupts the fast fashion industry with its sustainable approach. Founded by Senthil Sankar and his father, K Sankar, the brand focuses on creating eco-friendly clothing with complete traceability. They blend recycled PET bottle waste and organic cotton to craft comfortable and stylish fashionwear for all ages, including jackets, T-shirts, blazers, and bottoms. With ISO certification and the Global Recycle Standard, Ecoline Clothing ensures top-notch product quality. Their dedication to sustainability has been recognized, as prominent figures like Prime Minister Modi have worn their jackets, showcasing their commitment to responsible fashion practices. In a world grappling with fast fashion’s wasteful practices, Ecoline Clothing shines as a beacon of hope. Their sustainable vision leads the way in reshaping the fashion industry, inspiring conscious choices for a greener future. This Independence Day, let’s celebrate brands like Ecoline Clothing, exemplifying the power of homegrown initiatives that prioritize style and sustainability. Together, we can foster a fashion revolution that benefits both our wardrobes and the planet we call home.