iSticker launches a revolutionary global platform for the AEC industry

iSticker launches a revolutionary global platform for the AEC industry - Chetan Singh

New Delhi, 20th January 2016- iSticker is a global platform revolutionizing the architecture, engineering and construction industry; it was exclusively launched for the global market and is actively attracting subscribers from all over the world. The invention is global and effectively solves the problems faced in day-to-day business.

The platform is owned by iSticker Pte. Ltd., incorporated in 2011, headquartered in Singapore.

Three major and perpetual problems solved by iSticker:

  1. Architects and interior designers spend endless hours in collating products and design-related information for their projects, which hampers their productivity and creativity. With iSticker, architects have access to products from across the world with relevant information, helping them make product selections and generate instant mood boards, cost estimates and many more client ready reports, on a single platform.
  2. Industry firms and professionals are not able to get due recognition for their creativity. Their products/designs get minimum exposure which poses as a hurdle in their own brand and trust building. On this platform, subscribers can post their project images and product images in the form of iStickers which can be viewed by other users and liked by them. Thus, designers get global recognition and simultaneously build trust amongst their clients.
  3. More than often, industry professionals are unable to market themselves effectively. Since majority of architects, designers, manufacturers belong to SME segment, they face constraints in resources to market themselves and connect with each other at the time when there is a requirement. iSticker helps all to get new product and project enquiries when other user has a requirement. When architects select a seller’s products, the seller instantly gets a business enquiry which is a hot lead.

My experience as a Senior Designer helped me to identify prominent gaps and challenges that plague the industry today. Hence, I invented this niche platform that addresses their day to day business problems,” says Chetan K Singh Inventor,

iSticker launches a revolutionary global platform for the AEC industry - Chetan Singh

Founder & CEO of iSticker. He further added, “iSticker is on its way to become the world’s largest platform for connecting professionals from the AEC industry, saving their time and generating business opportunities for all.


iSticker has been developed in seven languages including Mandarin, Japanese and four major European languages. Being a one-of-its-kind invention, the inventor has also filed patent for iSticker in 2014.