#Likeedreams leading a much-needed change in society


20th February 2020: It is a well-accepted notion that our society needs change. We all know it, but there are only a few people who decide to act to bring about a change, to make a difference and encourage others to be socially responsible citizens. Whether it is about feeding a stray dog who often loiters on streets near our homes or donating clothes to underprivileged people, every act has a more profound impact than we can ever imagine. With social media taking over our lives completely, acts of generosity have surrounded us to make us feel inspired and take action at an individual level.

Today we are well connected with and well aware of people who are trying to make society a better place for everyone. For example, Delhi-based ragpicker’s act of feeding more than 400 dogs every day did not only touch people’s hearts, but inspired many to came forward to support her. Also, Mumbai’s small time vada pav vendor Satish Gupta was hailed as a superhero on social platforms for selling vada pav for only Rs. 5 to children so that no child around him has to fight hunger. Stories like these uplift our souls and inspire us to make a valuable contribution in our own ways. To further amplify the impact of such stories that promote societal inclusiveness, BIGO Technology’s Likee launched #Likeedreams initiative in 2019. The effort is a niche platform provided to talented and focused Likeers who aim to create a social impact with their dreams.

So far, #Likeedreams has discovered many gems that have taken the social media by storm. One such story is that of Ganesh Nayak, the founder of Animals Matter to Me a.k.a. AMTM, a Mumbai-based NGO committed to the welfare of ownerless animals. It is a shelter-cum-veterinary hospital, and their services include animal shelter, medical treatment, sterilisation, ambulance service and adoption service. AMTM welcomes all kind of help, support and donations, as it allows them to embrace more animals. Supported by several B-town celebrities such as Amitabh Bachchan, John Abraham, among others, Ganesh turned to Likee to spread awareness among the youth of India to be kind towards animals and also extend as much help as possible. Under #Likeedreams initiative, a campaign titled #Danceforanimal was launched that invited users to perform a loving and funny dance with their pets or an animal they care for. The campaign went viral instantly along with the vital message to support animals and their needs. People from across India made videos with animals they love. Not only with cats or dogs, but people posed with monkeys, birds, cows and several other animals. #Danceforanimal received more than 217.7 million views, with millions approaching the shelter to support their cause.

Similarly, Likee’s #Killthechill campaign, which was launched in January 2020, focused on encouraging people to donate clothes or quilts to the underprivileged, who are forced to sleep on streets during the chilly winters of north India. Every year, harsh winter claims thousands of lives in northern part of the country. Hence, Sakshi NGO collaborated with Likee, and launched the #Killthechill campaign under #Likeedreams. To date, #Killthechill campaign has received 50.8 million views, and people from across India have donated over 1,000 clothes. #Likeedreams initiative is firming its grip over us by making us identify with causes in the most innovative ways – #challenges, dancing with animals, etc. Today, many of us eagerly look forward to more stories and meet heroes of our society. Most importantly, the initiative is an appeal to us, the common people, to make things happen. It reminds us that we, as an individual, are enough to bring change to the society, irrespective of where we come from and how influential we are.