New Delhi, 5th September, 2019: In a world where customer experience drives success, one of the factors that distinguishes one company from the remainder can be a call integration facility. MyOperator announced the integration of its super-efficient customer integration unit with global cloud-based CRM provider Salezshark by keeping our clients first as the main success factor. This thoughtful integration will assist their customers considerably reduce call handling time, drive operational efficiency, maximize customer experience and increase revenue on a number of levels.

In order to bridge the gap between making / picking up phone calls to feed them into the CRM system, the services offered by MyOperator will enable Salezshark users to boost the volume of calls, achieve greater visibility in call activities and enhance client interaction and drive operational productivity.

“We are excited to partner with MyOperator to expand our customer service portfolio in India,” added Mr Ajay Chouhan, Founder, SalezShark. MyOperator is a successful brand today and is a complement to SalezShark in India to offer end-to-end customer experience management tool.’

Ankit Jain, CEO & Founder-MyOperator, added, “One of India’s CRM systems challenges is that the automation stops once a sale is completed. It’s essential to have a platform that helps in sophisticated customer engagement and communication. Often customers want more functionality and grow with them for the application. We are pleased to partner with SalezShark as this integration enables a extensive management of customer relationships.

The product offerings of MyOperator & SalezShark will emerge as a single communication component with this partnership.

Integration features Include:

  • Click-to-Call
  • Call Logs:
  • Call Recording
  • Call Transcription
  • Add Notes During Call
  • Notifications: Receive pop-up alerts
  • Call monitoring
  • Live Dashboard
  • Performance Report
  • Live Call Transfer
  • Voicemail Facility
  • On-Hold music
  • Web Call

The decision to integrate Cloud Telephony into CRM was taken after closely analyzing the need for businesses to move at a rapid speed, focusing on streamlined sales and marketing processes, greater efficiency of call centers, reduced expenditures, increased market share and improved overall profitability. Sales Reps can practically see every call activity their team has ever performed during the sales cycle with this integration. The call activities will automatically populate all relevant data in one window in the sales CRM.

Salezshark Integration with MyOperator Telephony makes it a dynamic duo that shows excellent results in leaps and bounds when coupled.

“When CRM is the life of the business, we firmly believe ; Cloud Telephony is the blood that pumps through the business veins to make it last longer.”