This Nellore Based Startup Creates a Niche Demand for its Products by Simply Bootstrapping

Dr. Suhas B Shetty completed his studies in a doctorate in pharmacy. After finishing his studies, he was looking to pursue a career that doesn’t involve high stress on the job. So, after market research and with available funds, He started to set up an ice cream parlor popularly known as Iceberg Ice cream parlor – A Nellore based startup in Andhra Pradesh which was launched on 18th November 2012.

This Nellore Based Startup Creates a Niche Demand for its Products by Simply Bootstrapping

He used his pocket money to buy one month stock. Surprisingly, one month stock was over in just four days. Mr. Suhas was stunned to see that demand was so high. Literally, he closed the shop on the 5th day to buy more ice cream stocks. The USP is that he used premium technology to convert milk into ice cream within 2-3 minutes in front of the customers.

The innovative technologies allow churning and adding flavors to the ice cream at his stores. Customers give much importance to products which don’t have any adulterations and artificial looking, so the team focuses on producing creative ice creams filled with exclusive and delightful flavors and toppings.

Iceberg Icecreams Team

There are mouth-watering natural flavors from normal vanilla ice creams to sugar-free ones, from the most popular chocolate ice creams to seasonal specials such as Kala Jamoon and Sitaphal. Iceberg Ice Cream serves 35 fun filled flavors.

The Modern and Unique Flavors served at the stores

The Modern and Unique Flavors served at the stores as below:

  • Coldstone ice cream:
    Customers can choose any ice cream flavor then it is mixed with the choice of toppings on a frozen galaxy marble stone (-18° C temp), and then it is served with hand-made waffle cups.
  • Pan recipes (ice cream rolls):
    Ice pan ice creams or ice cream rolls are made by pouring pasteurized full cream milk on an iced grill, and then it is mixed with fruits or flavors at -40° C on a food graded stainless steel ice pan. Within 45 seconds milk crystallizes and is ready to serve.
  • Mist recipes(liquid nitrogen ice cream):
    Ice cream is made by picking the favorite toppings and mixing it with any flavor of choice by using molecular gastronomy technique. It sounds a bit unusual, but possible at Iceberg in less than 3 minutes.
  • Dragon smoke recipes:
    Iceberg Ice Cream introduced a unique dessert which is made from liquid nitrogen. It is called Dragon Smoke because one can eat and blow rich fog-like gas through mouth and nose.

The vibrant and talented team consists of Dr. Suhas B Shetty(CEO), Sudheer Kumar(CFO and creative head) and manufacturing and logistic members. Presently the corporate office is located at Bangalore to organize franchisees. He has several franchises as the customers love the delicious ice cream. They are looking for large scale outside investor who can bring something more to the table than just a check. It would help the company to expand brand and technologies to best of markets in India.

Iceberg Icecreams Team

Their aim is to open ten franchisees in 6 months and reach the 100th franchise mark by 2022. He believes that success follows by being innovative and creative.

Website of this Nellore based startup Iceberg Ice cream parlor:

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