This NGO aims towards empowering the youth and redirecting their energies in ways, which help the society as a whole

This NGO aims towards empowering the youth and redirecting their energies in ways, which help the society as a whole

Each one of us knows that our society is in dire need of change. Each one of us is ready to curse the system and be damned about the same. Stop over for a second, leave things aside and question your conscience; How do we bring about change? Who brings about that change? All your thoughts and ideas shall be put to rest in a fraction of a second, for this is what none of us has ever bothered to think about. This very thought process brought into existence I Am Still Human. The strong beliefs of youth redirection and empowerment form the foundation of I Am Still Human and make it the force it has transformed into today while it embarks on the journey to make the youth of the country realize their limitless potential while instilling in them a sense of responsibility and the belief to move forward in this journey to build a country and a world that we have always envisioned.

This NGO aims towards empowering the youth and redirecting their energies in ways, which help the society as a whole

“The journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.” Vivek Mehra, founder, I Am Still Human, faced ridicule as a 20 Year old boy when he came up with the idea of I Am Still Human. His vision and urge to do something for the better, lead the sportsman turned humanitarian to start off with I Am Still Human. Though alone and often mocked at, he always held belief in his vision and listened to his heart brimmed with a sense of responsibility to bring about a change. “Making people believe was a tough ask and initially I was the only manpower I had”, he remarks. A conversation with him speaks volumes about him and the harsh times that he’s been through, reflecting the visionary that he is. His thought provoking words are bound to get one aligned with the purpose and sole objective of youth empowerment that he is focused upon. From being alone to having a team of more than a hundred and fifty interns and volunteers who strongly believe and work together for the principles that I Am Still Human was founded upon is no small achievement. “This is just the beginning”, he says, “I Am Still Human’s goal shall not be achieved until all of the country’s youth unite as one and be empowered enough to come forward as the harbingers of positive change.” Despite all odds, his belief in his purpose and tireless actions towards the same have made him someone to look upto today. His team admires the aura he brings around and describes him as a gem of a person.

I Am Still HumanBeing modest and humble that he is, he credits his team all the way saying, “Had it not been for the constant and relentless support of my team I Am Still Human would not have been here.” Harshita Chaarag, Vice President I Am Still Human, helped I Am Still Human start off the blocks and was a constant contributor and support system to it’s success. Looking after Content Management she started off the I Am Still Human Blog along with Simran Sidana managing all of it on their own, while turning the same into a huge success with their articles and blogs that sent across important and less talked about social messages while breaking taboos and giving the society food for thought. This was what I Am Still Human had always envisioned to do, breaking social barriers and forcing people to think along different lines, not letting themselves being crippled by taboos. Gagan Watts is another individual, Vivek regards highly. He recognizes him as a constant support for the organization and someone who has stood by it with a firm belief in it’s purpose. Human Resource Management being the primary responsibility of Gagan, he has performed his job tremendously well. In his words, “Joining I Am Still Human was as a life changing decision for me. The person I am today is all because of it and have found a mentor and an elder brother in Vivek.” Karan Khurana and Manjinder Singh regarded as the pillars of the organization work hard relentlessly to make sure of swift proceedings in all of I Am Still Human’s events.

They are the ones working behind the curtains putting up untiring efforts to make every event and activity a success. Then there is Saransh Garg and Nidhi Malhotra who manage social media to propagate I Am Still Human’s message and bring in more and more people in the cause and purpose of youth redirection and empowerment to let them unite as one. “I Am Still Human has given me a priceless experience, I came here as an intern but this feels like family to me and my heart has never felt more aligned to a purpose as much as this.”, smilingly says Paras, an intern since July. Another one remarks, “I have never seen someone as focused to work for the society as Vivek, he is someone I always look upto.”

Defying all odds I Am Still Human is growing leaps and bounds and never wanders away from it’s founding principles. Vivek though, feels that this is just a start and there’s more to this journey of youth empowerment. He realizes the potential of the youth and all he wants is to unite, empower and ultimately show them a path for the good so that they move in the right direction.

In a society doomed with darkness and negativity, I Am Still Human brings in a ray of hope by being the light that the youth have always always looked forward to ignite their hearts and souls brimming to bring about change.

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