Nine Exciting Canadian Startups Selected for T-Hub and Communitech’s ‘Global Bridge: Canada-India’ Programme


Hyderabad, 5th November 2018:  T-Hub, one of the world’s leading startup engines that powers entrepreneurship, scale, and deal flow, and Communitech, a Canada-based public-private innovation hub, today announced that they have selected nine Canadian tech startups for the ‘Global Bridge: Canada-India’ programme. Launched in July this year, the programme aims to provide Canadian startups and scale-ups with invaluable market access opportunities to grow their business in India.

The 3 month programme helps Canadian startups to scale in India by working with them to formulate and execute their India go-to-market strategy in order to cater to the huge Indian market. This includes providing the necessary support and resources to set up operations in India, and helping them to localize their business model and product for the Indian market. T-Hub will then give the startups access to its national network, connecting them to potential clients for the discussion of pilots, PoCs, and revenue streams.

Indian and multinational corporates, as well as public sector decision makers from across the country, will be given the opportunity to utilize the world-class solutions offered by these Canadian startups. This programme will actively enhance the entrepreneurial synergy between Canada and India, and will benefit the economies of both countries.

The shortlisted startups were primarily selected on the basis of the strength of their technology, their domain knowledge and the suitability of their solution to the Indian market. All of them have validated their business model and generated revenues in at least one market. This exciting cohort includes companies focused on B2B enterprise solutions, technologies for sustainable infrastructure, healthcare and biotechnology.

The shortlisted startups are:


Startup’s Name Technologies used Solutions
Sinitic Proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engine Provides a full solution for multilingual support automation
Voltera Manufacturing Tech V-One, a desktop 3D printer that enables circuit boards to be prototyped within minutes
2G Robotics Dynamic Laser Scanning Provides underwater laser scanners for offshore and subsea inspection
Ulula Big Data Analytics

Business Intelligence

Data as a Service

Enterprise Collaboration

Provides a software and analytics platform that equips companies with tools to monitor human rights risks
Push Business Intelligence

Big Data Analytics

Sports Tech

Wearable Fitness Tracker for athletes optimises one’s training by analysing and tracking movement
Site2Site ERP

Field Force Automation Business Intelligence

Big Data Analytics

Enterprise Collaboration

Provides an app and desktop platform that automates the construction office by offering complete and automatic handling of GPS-tracked time cards, equipment tracking, receipt collection, invoicing, estimates, and more
Szio+ Inc. Health Tech

Marketing Tech

Enables self-monitoring and maintenance through simple self-diagnosis test kits and manages health through clinically proven supplements
Sitata Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Business Intelligence

Data as a Service

Provides personalised health and safety information tailored to one’s itinerary and real-time travel alerts
O2 Canada Manufacturing Tech

Health Tech

Designs reusable air filtration masks for protection against air pollution


Commenting on the announcement, Srinivas Kollipara, CEO, T-Hub, said, “Over the past 3 years T-Hub has helped over 400 startups, including several international startups, to scale their business in India. This programme has been designed specifically for Canadian startups, to help them establish a firm foothold in the Indian market, and we will be acting as their partners to support and guide them.

After a stringent six-week long process, we have selected nine exciting startups for the first ‘Global Bridge: Canada-India’ programme that we believe will solve Indian problems in sectors like healthcare, sports and infrastructure, among others, using innovative and sustainable technology solutions.

T-Hub will help these startups generate revenue and establish India as a key market for them.”

The cost of the programme, including a travel grant of $4000 for each of the startups, is covered by the Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN).

“Communitech is excited to send nine Canadian tech companies to India,” said Lisa Cashmore, Communitech’s Head of Advanced Programs & International Strategy. “The companies chosen to participate in the program were selected by their ability to solve global challenges with their technology, as well as their willingness to invest time and resources into entering the Indian market. We look forward to seeing their success in India.”

T-Hub’s international program focuses on building bridges with governments, corporations, think tanks, and academic institutions from all over the world. It allows startups from anywhere to get access into the Indian market via T – Hub, as well as exposing Indian startups to scale into global markets. This program with Communitech builds on that mission by ensuring that startups from Canada have a great launchpad from Hyderabad in India.