Ozone Overseas announces launch of new product range ahead of New Year

Reinforce the company’s commitment to introduce innovative products to the Indian markets

HANA Sliding Shower Enclosure System

New Delhi, 13 December 2022:  Ozone Overseas, a leading Indian name in the Architectural Hardware and Security Solutions space has introduced a new range of solutions for Indian consumers as we move closer to the New Year. Fourteen new products and solutions have been launched in the glass hardware and security space that will provide a premium experience to its consumers to transform their spaces into smarter and safer homes.

Consumers today want things that will make their homes seem more beautiful and lavish while also providing them with the guarantee of safety and reliability. The new range of products in Ozone’s portfolio, including Lateral Sleek Design Shower Hinges, Super Patch-Sleeker Slimmer Smarter, and Kubik-Luxury Partitioning Systems, is a perfect blend of modern aesthetics and innovative designs that are a key component in the brand’s offerings.

Commenting on the launch of the new ranges at Zak Glass Technology Expo that was held in New Delhi recently, Mr. Alok Aggarwal, Managing Director- Ozone Overseas said – “For Ozone, our customers are the primary focus, and we have been constantly evolving as per their preferences.”We take pride in the wide range of product categories that we have built over the years. As a global innovator in the architectural hardware industry and electronic security segment, we’re constantly studying consumer behaviour across global markets and understanding the importance of tapping into the latest trends.  Ozone has always strived to be the trendsetter, and with our newly launched products, which includes Smart showers and HANA demountable partitioning systems, we expect to be the most preferred brand for our consumers”

Ozone Overseas has evolved over the previous two decades from a mission to produce actual, practical solutions for customers and high-value goods that supply Indian and worldwide markets. With the emerging era of automation, innovation and development are our main focus and we aim to keep evolving and advancing our products with the latest technology. Some of the products and solutions that were launched are:

●            Outliner Sleek Profile Range for Shower Enclosures, Patch Fitting Doors, Sliding Folding, Automatic Sliding Doors

●            Range of Kubik Partitioning Systems

●            Super Patch – Slimmer, Sleeker and Smarter – First of its own kind product in the Indian Market

●            Hydraulic Door Rail

●            Central Pivot Hinge with 360-degree rotation.

●            Pocket Sliding Systems

●            Lateral Hinge

●            Narrow Style Fingerprint Lock

●            Fingerprint Lock for Sliding Doors

●            Slimmer Type Door Closer