Shark To Go From Tank To The Vault


Have you been an avid follower of the reality show “Shark Tank” and hoping for an Indian version? Your wish has been granted and what’s more, it is something bigger than a tank, it The Vault. Slated to premier in late September or October, the show aims to capture the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of India and catapult the well deserving into realms beyond their wildest dreams. One remarkable feature of The Vault will be that it is not going to be something only for the urban Indian who is India Inc ready. The makers plan on attracting rural ventures, SME’s, students and even housewives. In fact, anyone with an idea will be welcome to present it to the panel of judges, or rather the panel of investors who will decide if it is a viable business model. More importantly, even if the idea does not impress any of the investors on the show, it still is on national television, which means potentially hundreds of other investors from around the country would be watching.

With the Indian economy gearing up for growth and the current government’s efforts to promote the entrepreneurial fortitude, this show could not have come at a better moment. The most significant role a show like The Vault plays is that it brings together an investor, who has vast knowledge in setting up and running successful ventures, and a brilliant new idea. The exuberance of a young entrepreneur might cloud his or her ability to make practical and balanced judgements, however, aided with the perspicacity of a seasoned investor, a new idea can truly be the next best thing in the Indian business space. While there have been success stories in the past of rural & household business and SME’s, they have been few and far in between. A show like The Vault truly has the inherent ability to unlock the hidden potential of India.

The man behind the creation of The Vault, Jatin Goel admitted that he was inspired by Shark Tank, but adds, “The Indian entrepreneurial landscape is currently at its peak. While India has the third-largest and the fastest-growing startup ecosystem in the world, the growth witnessed by SMEs and household & rural businesses also indicates that there are many more milestones yet to be achieved. The Vault is a first-of-its-kind initiative towards developing a robust environment that fosters innovation and drives growth for promising business ideas irrespective of the sector they operate in. It is a platform which will not only provide the capital, but also the right mentor-ship to ensure that innovative business ideas are able to take root and reach their real potential.”

The last word will however belong to the investors. Coming from backgrounds as diverse as retail, advertising, finance and real estate, they will evaluate each idea on its viability, innovation and scope among other things. To provide exposure to innovative ideas will be the underlying theme of the show. The Vault has what it takes to help people to realise their dreams and fulfill their aspirations.

The last date for submitting applications is 31st August,2016 and short listing will be done in various stages. So if you have an innovative proposal, don’t wait, come forward and be heard.