Startup Cricket League invites Startups for Hat-trick Season!

Hat-trick Season of SCL! Startup Registrations are Open

Hat-trick Season of SCL! Startup Registrations are Open

Clear the decks and make way for the big ship! SCL season 3 is on its way to sail away to a land of Business Connections with Fun. In a world of a busy rat race, SCL makes the best platform to connect and get noticed in the startup ecosystem.

Startup Cricket League invites Startups for Hat-trick Season!

Startup Cricket League is an informal networking platform to unite investors, mentors and startup founders. It is an in and out exchanging platform which works on building the bond between stakeholders of this environment. What started as an idea to provide an informal platform for Entrepreneurs, Mentors and Investors, is now a very successful event conducted across the country- Hyderabad, Delhi and Bangalore. This genius of a concept was made into a reality by Sai Kiran Gunda in 2015.

SCL is divided into 6 verticals, the big focused industries:
1. Business Blazers – B2B, Enterprise, Services
2. ECom Titans – ECommerce, mCommerce, Marketplace
3. Front Foot Techies – IoT, AI, ML, AR, VR
4. Finance Fighters – Fintech, Commerce, Payments
5. Lifestyle Leopards – Healthcare, Education, Fashion, F&B
6. Travel Thunders – Travel, Logistics, Hospitality

Let’s see how a startup gets plugged into cricket!

Hands down the most loved sport in the country. Entrepreneurs will team up with other entrepreneurs, investors and mentors to represent their industry. There is a stronger connection developed and all 6 teams leave winning irrespective of the scores. The sight of these teams donning their team jerseys and playing will show true sportsmanship. Founders of 8 different startups from one sector will play along with investors and mentors of the same sector, uniting their industry like never before.

Hat-trick Season of SCL! Startup Registrations are Open

Be at a part of this grand event at

Preceding the main event, are the different stages of SCL. In each stage, there is a productive interaction between the investors mentors and startups.

Startup Auditions
A lot of startups register to get into SCL to be a part of the team. By auditioning, we can select who gets to be on the team for the flagship . It will be the first interaction between the startup with its investors and mentors. This will take place on September 2,2017.

Team bonding
For a good pie to be baked, the correct ingredients need to mix well. During this team bonding, investors can get to know the founders on a personal level. Working from that, the conversations can move in any direction in your favour. This takes place during the course of three days, from September 13-September 15, 2017.

Team Launch
Our very own IPL for startups. Captains and respective startups of each team are introduced on this occasion. You will also get to catch a glimpse of the majestic trophy of SCL! Team launch will set the event in motion. September 23, 2017 is the date to watch out for.

SCL Flagship ( Main Event )
Mega event alert! Here comes the refreshing main event which they call the “SCL Flagship” on October 7, 2017. This thrilling powerplay will keep you glued to your seats. Cricket is one of many, SCL has other activities for you as well:

❖ Founder – Mentor Connect ( Register Your Startup )
❖ Founder – Investor Connect ( Register Your Startup )
❖ Startup Expo ( Register Your Startup )
❖ Startup Talks
❖ Startup Panels

On that day, SCL plays host to a 100 startups, 20 investors, 30 mentors and more than 1000 attendees! The place will be buzzing with talent.

Why should you register?
SCL is one of a kind platform and nowhere will you get such an opportunity to have quality conversations with investors and mentors, that too on a Cricket Field. You will be able to literally and metaphorically pitch your way to a win! It gives your deserving product a more bigger exposure. SCL will help entrepreneurs get peer learning and give a knowledge about the outside world in the startup community. Such high marketing of your startup will definitely boost your strategy. Above all, it will leave you with unforgettable memories to cherish for life! You do not want to miss out on this.

If you are in any way related to the startup world, you should definitely be a part of SCL. Last day to get in is 25th August,2017. See you there!

Registrations are open NOW ! Hurry up, Registrations close on August 31. Click

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