This startup is providing solutions to household problems in safe and inexpensive way

Lifeasy Team

“Lifeasy” provides solutions to household problems in safe and inexpensive way
Lifeasy, single window solution to all house hold problems arise every day. Group of successful young professionals flagged of the spectrum of house hold services. Motto of this innovative start up is to provide variety of On demand Home services in safe and inexpensive way on time of your availability at home.

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The local scattered Home services market is a highly unorganized sector today in India and don’t offer services from single window. Now You need not to keep multiple mobile numbers of carpenter, plumber, electrician, AC mechanic etc. Single number will solve all your daily chores. From security point of view these services are boon for every house hold as Lifeasy has background verified team of technicians. It is safer to call lifeasy. They will keep all records of persons visiting to your house.

There are numerous service providers in this sector but majority of them are either platform aggregator, market place or a listing platform. Hence they are not offering services with their own manpower. These players are disappointing customers. Leading to several issues related to the quality, cost, timely delivery, customer experience of services. Specially security is major concern today because they don’t have verification and service track record of all technicians.

The Co-founders of Lifeasy, Jeet Narayan Singh, Rakesh Gupta & Gagneet Singh Ahuja had a vision and mission of taming this chaos and handling the major pains of consumers today.

Lifeasy services are standardized, reliable and convenient. Especially for those who are living in urban areas having a hectic day to day schedule.

How Lifeasy makes your life easy?
The Co-founders of Lifeasy say with zeal “these services are “our mission with passion” to make Life of all our customers Easy.”

Apart from offering round the clock services to your household problems separately, Lifeasy offers annual home services and maintenance packages. You can choose any of these as per your need, requirement and save money.

Presently Lifeasy is offering more than 200 services among 17 home service categories like Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry, AC Service, Water Purifier (RO), IT Repair, DTH Antenna Tuning and Movers & Packers etc. If you opt for annual home service package you will save a lot. It costs around as small as Rs. 100 per service.

Lifeasy has a pool of certified and skilled servicemen who are available to provide select services round the clock. Each and every servicemen’s track record and identity is verified by a third party professional agency before associating them with Lifeasy. All the servicemen are professionally trained and have expertise in their respective sphere of life. Lifeasy takes special care in delivering the services to your homes for security reasons. They send servicemen’s name, picture and mobile number to the customers in advance. The customers can see the details of the servicemen coming to their home in the Lifeasy mobile app. Every technician will enter house after showing his ID card to match their identity. Hence they can feel relaxed and secured. They are also developing an advanced mechanism for customers to track location of the technician assigned for the service in real time.

Lifeasy has designed and developed a mobile app for its servicemen as well, which will help them to deliver services promptly and on the go. This app ensures quick, efficient and seamless completion of the tasks.

Lifeasy Team

The Inception
The Co-founders of Lifeasy were working together for more than 8 years together. They themselves faced day to day household problems. They decided to make home services, their mission in the form of startup. They studied market and flagged off after leaving their jobs together.

Their dream is to provide world-class professional home service experience to the Indian customers as well with easy booking options. Customers can book the services in less than 30 seconds via Lifeasy mobile app. Lifeasy team started working on the project from Jan 2016 and commenced offering services to customers from late April 2016 onwards, in East Delhi, Noida and Ghaziabad.

With completion of more than 3000 services in last couple of months, Lifeasy is now fully geared up for expansion. The services will be soon available in the entire Delhi /NCR region. Lifeasy will have presence in other cities as well in near future under franchise model. Together they aspire to take their venture among the leading players of the industry.

Future Plans
Lifeasy is already functional in three major parts of Delhi and NCR. Before zooming in for expansion to other cities they are ensuring all standards of services and perfect delivery management mechanism to their current customer base.

As the on demand home service industry is relatively new in the Indian Market, the potential is huge. The question is which player can provide quality services in timely and secure manner. In the long run quality over price will take lead. As per Lifeasy team, this segment is very area/location specific. There is a huge gap in terms of area of operation by existing players. Therefore a lot of opportunities are available for new entrants to work in this field.

The market challenge remains that there are more people involved in the market place kind of model but few are offering services. Lifeasy aims to lead the industry by offering trusted solutions for all house needs under Lifeasy’s umbrella. They plan to expand to other cities, simultaneously acquiring more talent in their team gradually. Very soon, Lifeasy will make separate positioning in the market. LIFEASY, as the name itself suggests, intends to make people’s Life easy.