T-Hub and Canada’s Accelerator Centre Join Forces to Propel Indian Startups into International Markets

T-Hub and Canada's Accelerator Centre Partners to launch International Market Immersion Program for Indian Startups

The program is designed to cultivate the growth potential of Indian startups in Canada and the USA. This partnership will provide startups with vital cross-border knowledge, mentorship, and the readiness required to engage with investors.

India, October 13, 2023 – T-Hub, India’s premier startup incubator, has unveiled a strategic alliance with Canada’s Accelerator Centre (AC) to introduce an International Market Immersion Program. This milestone collaboration signifies a significant stride towards nurturing global innovation, reinforcing entrepreneurial networks, and expediting the expansion of Indian startups into the North American market.

This strategic partnership is poised to arm Indian startup founders with the essential knowledge, mentorship, and investor readiness required to thrive within the North American business landscape. T-Hub and Accelerator Centre will collaboratively craft and deploy a tailored 4-week program meticulously curated to enhance the growth prospects of Indian startups in Canada and the USA. This comprehensive initiative will extend selected startups invaluable access to enriching workshops, personalized coaching, and the invaluable opportunity to scale their businesses across North America. T-Hub will meticulously curate a cohort of 10 high-potential startups, taking charge of program management and unwavering support. Concurrently, the esteemed Accelerator Centre, renowned for its track record of propelling startups to success, will play an active role in the selection process, ensuring the program aligns perfectly with its objectives. It will also provide ongoing progress updates, thereby reinforcing the collaborative commitment’s accountability.

Mahankali Srinivas Rao, CEO of T-Hub, articulated, “Our mission has perpetually revolved around empowering startups to unlock their full potential, and this partnership elevates that commitment to a global platform. Through the Market Immersion Program, we aspire to equip Indian startups with the indispensable tools and knowledge to navigate the intricacies of the North American market. This endeavor fosters innovation and entrepreneurship transcending geographical boundaries. Canada’s burgeoning startup ecosystem accentuates its pivotal role in shaping global innovation, rendering it a coveted hub for startups aspiring to amplify their presence and prospects.”

Jay Krishnan, CEO of Accelerator Centre, expressed, “This collaboration epitomizes our unwavering dedication to nurturing global innovation and entrepreneurship. In conjunction with T-Hub, our shared objective is to endow startups with the crucial resources and opportunities imperative for thriving in this dynamic ecosystem. This partnership paves the way for their success, not only within Canada but on the global stage.”

The culmination of this program will take the form of a Demo Day, a momentous event that will unite investors, industry luminaries, and the community at large with the participating startups. This platform will serve as a catalyst for building robust networks within Canada. Furthermore, the startups will gain access to the Startup Visa Program upon the program’s successful completion, underscoring the enduring benefits of this collaborative venture.