Tata Capital Healthcare Fund II Expands Investments in India’s Healthcare Sector


In the past year, the fund’s portfolio has positively impacted over 9 million health beneficiaries, both directly and indirectly. Among the current portfolio companies, 6 out of 7 are actively addressing 30% of India’s burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in critical fields such as cancer, neuropsychiatry, and nephrology.

Mumbai, November 02, 2023: Tata Capital Healthcare Fund II (TCHF II), the successive healthcare-focused private equity fund operating under Tata Capital Ltd, has successfully concluded seven investments thus far. Out of the USD 130 million fund raised last year, TCHF II has already allocated 60%. The fund is now setting its sights on further investments, particularly in pharmaceutical manufacturing, pharmaceutical distribution, and consumer nutrition, among other sectors. It aims to bring on board three to four more investee companies by mid-2024.

The current portfolio of TCHF II is strategically diversified, encompassing both domestic and international pharmaceuticals, cancer care clinics, dialysis centers, integrated regional diagnostic chains, and digital healthcare. This diversified approach has solidified TCHF II as a significant player in catalyzing societal transformation and fostering profitable growth. Each of these strategic investments is designed to address India’s healthcare challenges and enhance healthcare accessibility by offering effective and affordable healthcare solutions to society at large.

Ms. Visalakshi Chandramouli, Managing Partner at Tata Capital Healthcare Fund, stated, “Our Healthcare Fund is dedicated to making a positive impact on people, products, and healthcare enterprises. We strongly believe in a transformative approach, anchored in our 3P framework—People, Process, and Performance. We are delighted to report a substantial benefit to 9.3 million individuals, both directly and indirectly, during FY23. This has led to the creation of 44 new jobs through a $1 million fund investment and a remarkable 35% increase in female employees across our portfolio companies.”