TechSci Events to Organise “Valuation & Fundraising for Tech Start-ups” on 22nd September 2017 at The Park, Bangalore

TechSci Events to Organise Valuation & Fundraising for Tech Start-ups on 22nd September 2017 at The Park, Bangalore

The prime objective of this training is to provide with knowledge of the fundamentals of each approach to Tech valuation, along with their limitations, as well as extended examples of the application of each.

A paradigm shift has been observed in the way Indian masses see technology-based businesses and the job market. No longer are such businesses in India seen as simple trouble-shooters and services providers; they are now adding value to business. The adoption of technology is enabling the Tech sector to become more reachable and efficient. India is rife with investors on the hunt for the next potential unicorn, trying to find the next Silicon Valley in the diverse undulating topography of the country.

Nearly 500 million people in India today use the internet, with 60% of urban and 17% of rural India already connected. While the room for growth is immense, the challenge shall be as sweet as the rewards that will accompany it. With growth in the internet penetration rate driven primarily by youngsters, e-tail, mobile apps, social media and so much more will flow through the conduits of a thousand million Indians. PM Modi’s words will ring true “there are a million problems, but there are a billion minds to address them”. To be at the bottom of an IT revolution is what every potential tycoon dreams for and to be able to serve a billion customers is any entrepreneur’s dream come true. And we are here to help.

TechSci Events to Organise Valuation & Fundraising for Tech Start-ups on 22nd September 2017 at The Park, Bangalore

During the workshop, all sessions will have highly technical content with workshops catering to all levels of experience. The workshop aims to provide a comprehensive knowledge on e-valuation methods & approaches along with governance and regulatory requirements for Tech Start-ups.

Why You Should Attend?
❖ Understand Valuation methods and their approaches
❖ Learn Fund raising strategies
❖ Negotiate and draft the term sheet
❖ Analyze and critique the use of appropriate valuation model
❖ Know governance and regulatory requirements
❖ Foresee the growth of Tech Start-ups

Who Should Attend?
This is a serious Workshop created for ambitious Start-ups, Senior Executives and strategists from Tech Start-ups. Also, entrepreneurs and PE/VC professional who are planning to enter in Tech space should definitely look forward for this workshop. Seasoned practitioners who want to bolster their skills to create and maintain a thriving practice will find value after attending this workshop


Session 1: Value Drivers, Valuation Approaches & Global Learnings
• Tech Start-ups – Evolution & Key Characteristics
• Financing life-cycle and Value Drivers
• Valuation Approaches – Venture Capital Method, Real option, Probability-weighted methods and various alternative approaches
• Global Illustrations
• Valuation Myths and Realities

Session 2: Start-up valuation – Key performance indicators
• Average revenue per user
• Customer attrition (Churn Rate)
• Customer acquisition cost
• User engagement – Active users
• No of installs
• Customer life time value
• Conversion rate (funnel)

Session 3: Key considerations while valuing companies for Acquisitions & Fund Raising and Case Studies

Session 4: How to generate different types of IPRs from existing business venture and why protecting IPRs is the need of an hour for raising funds?
• Protecting your Startup Business idea
• Brand Strategy Including Trade Mark, Brand Logo, Tagline
• Trade Secrets
• Industrial Design Product& Copyright
• Contract and Agreement
• Business Strategy For Food Sector.

Session 5: Fund raising for Start-up companies
• Identification of fundraising prospects
• Types of Fund Raising
• Fund raising strategy
• Tips for Successful Fundraising
• Let’s break the myth of startup valuations
• 6 things to focus on to build a business
• How and when to choose VC funding
• Utilization and allocation of funds once they are received
• How to maintain relations with investors
• Pitch session for Start-ups

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