Tenable Ventures to Drive Innovation in Cybersecurity Landscape

Amit Yoran, Chairman and CEO, Tenable
Amit Yoran, Chairman and CEO, Tenable

– Investments to Stimulate Development of Advanced Exposure Management Solutions and Enhance Attack Prevention for Organizations

Bangalore, January 30, 2023: Tenable, a leader in Exposure Management, announces the launch of Tenable Ventures, a corporate investment program. The focus of Tenable Ventures will be on identifying and investing in early-stage startups worldwide that are developing innovative solutions for managing cybersecurity risk and preventing successful attacks.

With a planned investment of up to $25M, Tenable Ventures will provide funding to startups operating in highly competitive cybersecurity markets such as the U.S. and Israel, to support the development and growth of exposure management solutions. In addition to funding, Tenable Ventures will also work with these startups to improve product design, establish standardized data models, enhance enterprise readiness, and more. Tenable, known for its exposure management solutions that turn technical asset, vulnerability, and threat data into actionable intelligence, will focus on investing in companies that tackle significant problems with new, innovative technologies and approaches, including cloud security, identity management, external attack surface management, operational technology, and vulnerability management.
By investing in these emerging technologies, Tenable Ventures aims to expand the exposure management ecosystem and potentially integrate these solutions into the Tenable One Exposure Management platform.

“Tenable Ventures represents Tenable’s ongoing investment in and commitment to sponsoring the next generation of innovative cybersecurity capabilities and the teams behind them,” said Amit Yoran, Chairman and CEO, Tenable. “These companies share our vision for enabling customers to manage their exposure to cyber risk.”

“The goal of this initiative is to support innovative companies and visionary leaders driving the exposure management ecosystem,” said Matthew Olton, SVP, Strategy and Corporate Development, Tenable.

To date, Tenable Ventures has invested in companies including:

  • Lineaje – solves critical Software Supply Chain security problems faced by every organization that builds, uses or sells software
  • Authomize – the identity threat detection and response (ITDR) platform that detects and eliminates identity-based risks across cloud and IAM
  • Araali Networks – an Identity-First API Exposure and Threat Management solution that enables lean teams to secure cloud-native workloads at speed of DevOps