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8th August 2019, Gurugram, India: Okinawa Autotech Pvt. Ltd., a 100% Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturing company with focus on ‘Make in India’, today launched its “Power the Change” digital ad campaign on the social issue of corruption in India, safe riding and Road safety Ignorance.

With this ad campaign Okinawa upholds the need to fight corruption in India and conveys how everyone has the power to change the society. It intends to present a bigger picture that how it is important to change the old perceptions and mindsets today, if people want to see a wiser tomorrow.

The video ad begins with a couple breaking the traffic signal on a scooter when they are suddenly stopped by the traffic police. In order to get away with the offence, the couple tries to bribe the policeman. The policeman is not very happy with the amount presented and asks them “Itne mein kya hoga?”, hence the couple pays him more. However, instead of accepting the money as a bribe, the policeman walks away to buy helmets for both of them to explain the importance of road safety while riding and returns the rest of the money.

Commenting on the Independence Day campaign, Mr. Jeetender Sharma, MD, Okinawa Autotech said, “As an electric two-wheeler manufacturing company we want people to embrace green mobility solutions as the way ahead for the nation. We thought of Independence Day as the perfect occasion to celebrate India’s growing awareness about the Change in society and their contribution. With the #PowerTheChange campaign, our objective is to encourage people to work toward New face of nation which is corruption free, pollution free and safe ride into a healthy and sustainable future”

Within just a couple of years, Okinawa has established its name as the leading innovator in the field of EVs in India. Its products are the ultimate combination of power, performance and environmental sustainability which have turned the tables on every conventional notion about e-vehicles. Along with changing perceptions about EVs in the country with its products, Okinawa is also focused on altering mindsets through various compelling initiatives and the #PowerTheChange campaign is another step in the same direction.