This Startup Creates a Job Portal for Helping Young Job Seeking Aspirants to Acquire a Perfect Job in India

A job portal for young job seeking aspirants helping them to acquire a perfect job that will boost their careers

How business started: Nowadays there is a major concern of unemployment had been surfaced among the youngsters, therefore a new portal had been launched to provide job and the portal deals specifically with employment, careers and is named as and it was established  in the year 2020 on 1st of January.

Overview: The main motive behind this portal is to provide jobs to those who truly needs and deserves it, helping Jobseekers in this pandemic was their main aim behind this startup and in the nearby future they have a target to get 4-5 lakh Jobseekers a well suited job, according to their interest and profession.

 They have successfully placed 200+ candidates within few months time and their website mainly aims to minimize the bridging gap between jobseekers and employers so that each candidate can get a perfect job for themselves not only this they have also provided career assistance to many job seekers to get their desired job.

Raj Kabra – Founder, naukritoall

Founder: The website was started by Raj Kabra, he came up with this idea of providing jobs to aspirants who truly deserves it, later on Anmol Khurana who is one of the key members of the team designated as a Business Head, she oversees and supervises company’s activities and its employees to ensure that the workers are aligned with the company’s goals.

Driving force: The founder was in love with a girl from Delhi, they were in a beautiful relationship and were really compatible to each other as they have similar thought process, they were both equally passionate about their careers and they were into the same business, but for the girl her family matters more therefore she decided to leave as her father was against the relationship. She confronted her decision by making false stories about her fiance.

During this tough time founder had tried to seek help from his cousins  but they merely mock at his loss rather than helping him to get his love back. He was broken and decided to end up his life then suddenly a positive vibe came up that he shouldn’t give up so easily he realized that it’s not his fault it’s the girl misfortune that she would never get a true partner like him at that very point of moment he decided to make a startup and named it as naukritoall – this portal not only help candidates in getting their desired job but also groom them to get a job matching to their skills.

Members:They have a core team of members who work day and night to make this website successful.

Anmol Khurana : Business head who supervises and looks into each matter related to management, She manages 20 people under her leadership.

Pratibha Jha : She joined as intern but with everyday she learn new things and help candidate understand market situation and convince them to work.

Rashmi Singh: At the beginning she joined as an intern but later on due to her dedication and time commitment she became the core team member.

Astha Tiwari: She is energetic and fun loving but in spite of this she is very dedicated employee, she ensures that each requirements gets fulfilled in the given deadline.

Sukriti Danish: She joined recently and is well experienced in getting impanel with new companies and providing candidates their desired job.

Poornima Gandhi: An experienced IT Expert who has a keen knowledge about IT and other tech services.

Gurdayal Singh: He is a biggest support system for our organization who always be there and give his inputs whenever it’s required

They are not only the team members but they are the eternal support who helps to run the website successfully.

About Associates: They have more than 20 companies as Associates, they have active requirements for bpo and IT related jobs, they ensure that each candidate could achieve a desired job according to their preference.

Facts that makes them stand apart from rest of the crowd: There are many fake profiles in the market who merely want to make likes and comments to increase their followers, but naukritoall is a  genuine platform that follows all necessary procedures to ensure customer satisfaction, they only share those requirements which are genuine and verified that helps jobseekers having an equal chance for getting a job.

Founders Assumption About Market to understand ideology for helping jobseekers: The founder has only one perception that he has to help the younger generation in getting a well suited job according to their profession, he has8 years of enrich experience in different companies for bpo and as AdWords specialist. The main ideology behind this startup is that Jobseekers are treated as customers and their satisfaction is the top priority, the specialized team members helps understanding candidates what they actually need, more than 200+ candidates has been successfully guided to acquire a perfect job.

Motivation and other factors: The founder had seen many ups and downs but he is a keen observer and has learned many things from his team members for instance he shares that the business Head Anmol had several good theories to follow in life to have a successful  career she adds that never let personal failures impact the professional life, one should be focused and always try to give their best without thinking of its outcome. The founder further shares about trusting family members he believes that one should never trust cousins or expect any help in return as they will only make situation worst and entertain themselves.

The founder gets motivated after facing a lot of downs in his life the driving force behind this venture is his getting ditched and betrayed by the girl he really love but he took all his rejections as motivation and started a portal to help the young generation in getting a successful career.

Vision: They had successfully  placed more than 200 Jobseekers job in the last 4 months, turnover is not required to mention as it’s confidential and they are having ample amount of profit after paying 3-4 lakhs salary every month.

Principles: They don’t charge from candidates, associate companies pay them for providing recruitment services. They charge almost half of the amount charged by other consultant which is helping them to get more clients. The main ideology is to help jobseekers not to earn money but to have a reputed position among top portals for providing jobs and to reduce unemployment from society.

Details about Investors: The founder clearly mentions he is looking for investors who can help him in his project of 500 crore and getting 3-4 lakh Jobseekers job in next 3-4 months, he has a blueprint of how to execute and manage this project.

Aim: No unemployment in India and every Indian should be working. They have created plans and strategies to get Jobseekers a perfect job ,they have  Collaborated with 200 plus vendors so that the companies could  impanel with them and recruit employees belonging to different professions.

Future plan: Naukritoall wants to provide 4,00,000 Jobseekers job in the upcoming time and want to help poors by giving them shelter.

Message from founder: I am no one to convey any message to any entrepreneur as everyone has their own mindset. If anyone reach me for suggestion will definitely help them being fair enough and will definitely guide them to choose what is right and what is wrong.

If you can DREAM it, you can do it this is the main theory to be successful and he is just a medium through which he can help thousands of jobseekers getting their dream job .