Trouve: Revolutionizing Search in India with Visual Technology

With the urge to bring the biggest innovation in the jewellery industry, Unlearn launches India’s first ever Visual search Engine and a redefined CRM platform for Jewellers

With the biggest innovation in India, Mr. Vivek Das and Mr. Sanjib Chatterjee are showing the world how technology and innovation can bring about the much needed change in the jewellery industry

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India | 7th January 2023: The recent trend shows impatient consumers. When it comes to jewellery, trust is something a brand has to make. Trust is made when the brand shows its interest in selling you something.

While following the online trend, quick response is important and a boon for executives. Consumers can search on every clock ticking, whereas representatives can’t be there.

The sales are diminished when the consumer is handled with delay during online research. The question often arises about how one can boost sales online because we all know digitalization is the future.

Trouve by Unlearn Innovation is the only solution the Jewellery business needs.

A tool that evidenced increased consumer engagement and consumer journey is the boon for the retail jewellery industry. Every business’s motive is to boost sales. When the online trend came, the jewellery business sales graph went down because consumers weren’t satisfied with the visual presentation. Trouve focuses on presenting the jewellery collection via quality images and visual search. Through Trouve, consumers can check the designs they find attractive seamlessly.

Visual search is the future that Amazon, Myntra and Google have already adapted. Every brand’s motive is to make the consumer journey quick and smooth. The approach is more consumer-driven.

To enhance the journey, all the service requests are placed on one platform of Trouve. For manufacturing and wholesaling, visual search provides extensive data. Smart Sales data helps a brand to understand consumer behavior and changes. Fluctuations in consumer change are natural because the brand looks to offer uniqueness. To make the uniqueness likable, it is important to know where the consumer’s heart lies.

The term “phygital” is the buzzword of the moment. The individuals who started Unlearn Innovation are convinced that the current system is an integrated combination of digital and physical technology. The perfect partnership of Al and ML resulted in the birth of Trouve.

The company that created Trouve, Unlearn Innovation, has primarily emphasized the generation of value and the enhancement of pre-existing systems. Trouve by Unlearn Innovation is getting ready to shake up the established norms and practices of online shopping. Unlearn Innovation is the first company in India to bring the concept of visual search to the jewellery industry. Support is offered for the jewellery company, helping to improve its profitability and operational effectiveness.

Mr. Vivek Das and Mr. Sanjib Chatterjee, the Founders of Unlearn, each have over twenty years of excellence in advertising, commercializing, Innovation, and technology for the jewellery industry. In 2008, Mr. Vivek Das laid the groundwork for what would become Synergics Solutions, and since that time, the business has only progressed upward.

Mr. Sachin Pathak, who helped found the company, has a decade of experience in both finance and law. Exciting to him is determining the jewellery enterprise’s appropriate value and working on the appropriate solution. The entirety of the team is getting ready to implement the concept of Visual Search in an effort to alter the status quo of the jewellery industry.

They analyzed that using different platforms for different services leads to broken analysis, broken conversions and less wallet share of a customer. Unbroken customer journeys lead to 3X-4X increase in conversions with no broken hearts of journeys while maximizing the wallet share. So, they decided to build a platform with all possible customer engagements and powered with visual search, the biggest innovation of the jewellery industry.

Today, with all of their determination and entrepreneurial streak, they are all set to change the face of the jewellery industry by bringing a World Class Visual Search Engine. They are of the opinion that the only thing that will never change in the jewellery industry is Innovation.

Jewellery businesses need to get on board with adopting technological assistance and support in order to keep up with the world, which is constantly evolving and will continue to do so. The most astute way to grow your jewellery business is to provide a comprehensive platform that increases sales and improves customers’ overall shopping experience. Incorporating new ideas and developing cutting-edge technology is high on the company’s priority list.

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