TRST01 Unveils Footprint – India’s First Blockchain-Enabled ESG Tool

TRST01 launches India’s 1st ever Blockchain-enabled Global ESG Tool – Footprint

– Footprint, the World’s 1st ESG Blockchain automation tool, has been launched from India.
– The tool has been designed to assist organizations in monitoring, measuring, analyzing, and reporting ESG performance.
– It aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and incorporates the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board framework.
– Companies can access real-time verifiable environmental performance monitoring through the tool.
– TRST01, based in Hyderabad, is India’s leading provider of blockchain solutions.

Wednesday, February 22, 2023: TrayamBhu Tech Solutions Pvt. Limited, a blockchain climate-tech company, has launched Footprint – the world’s first ESG blockchain automation tool. This cutting-edge tool enables organizations to monitor, measure, analyze, and report their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance using the web3 interface (Blockchain). As transparency and accountability become increasingly important in sustainability practices, the Footprint ESG automation tool meets the growing demand for advanced features and functionalities.

Footprint’s supply chain management reporting is another essential feature. Companies can track and report their suppliers’ ESG performance, providing a comprehensive view of their supply chain sustainability practices. This feature is crucial as companies increasingly recognize the importance of responsible sourcing and sustainable supply chain practices. Designed with an organization’s triple bottom line in mind – People, Planet, and Prosperity – Footprint helps companies reduce their environmental impact, promote social responsibility and foster economic growth.

With Footprint by TRST01, businesses can easily track their ESG performance and report their progress to stakeholders, investors, and customers. This user-friendly tool has been developed to support organizations in their efforts to achieve transparency and accountability in their sustainability practices. The advanced features and functionalities of Footprint enable companies to monitor, measure, analyze, and report their ESG performance, promoting transparency, and responsible business practices.

“We must take responsibility and action to create an environmentally, socially and economically positive corporate footprint. It’s a new beginning for reliable and automated environmental impact measurements powered and secured by blockchain. We make big promises at climate treaties and commit to ambitious goals to cut down on emissions, but are we even close enough to our sustainability targets? We must take responsibility and action to create an environmentally, socially and economically positive corporate footprint. Footprint by Trst01 is a game-changer to help you do just that”, said Prabir Mishra, CEO of TRST01

Footprint by TRST01 adheres to the latest ESG reporting standards such as GRI, SASB, TCFD, and CDP, and is aligned with the UN SDGs for a comprehensive view of an organization’s ESG performance. The tool’s industry-specific content offers customized materiality topics arrangement, allowing companies to report relevant ESG metrics and critical issues for more meaningful engagement with stakeholders.

Footprint, being a blockchain-enabled ESG automation tool, ensures the accuracy, authenticity, and reliability of ESG data through secure and transparent verification. As companies face increased scrutiny and pressure to disclose accurate ESG information, this feature becomes all the more important.

“Footprint is a vital tool for any company committed to sustainability and social responsibility,” said Mr. Suraj Teja, COO of TRST01. “With its advanced features, industry-specific content, and blockchain-enabled data integrity verification, ‘Footprint’ is poised to become the leading go-to ESG automation tool for companies looking to enhance their sustainability practices which will eventually reflect positively in their profits and prosperity.”