Tsaaro Highlights the Dangers of Data Pollution and the Importance of Privacy

Data is the pollution problem of the information age, and protecting privacy is the environmental challenge - Tsaaro

New Delhi, 19 January 2023: Tsaaro, a leading data privacy and cybersecurity services provider, is set to host its first flagship Data Privacy Week event from January 23rd to January 28th to celebrate Data Privacy Day. The event aims to create a meaningful impact on the Indian privacy landscape by fostering discussions and ideas that highlight the future of data privacy and protection, with a focus on effective enforcement in digital markets.

The event will focus on raising awareness around the information privacy ecosystem, individual rights, and organizational obligations. With an increasing amount of personal data being shared online, privacy has become a major concern for individuals and organizations alike. The event will provide a platform for experts to share their insights and knowledge on how to proactively protect personal data and foster a culture of trust and vigilance.

The event will include a series of webinars, panel discussions, and workshops that will cover various aspects of data privacy, such as legal compliance, data governance, and the role of technology in protecting personal information. The speakers will include leading experts from the fields of law, technology, and policy, who will share their perspectives on the current state of data privacy and the challenges that lie ahead.

Overall, the event aims to create a greater understanding of the importance of data privacy and the steps that can be taken to protect personal information in today’s digital age. Through this event, Tsaaro hopes to raise awareness and create a culture of privacy that will help protect the rights of individuals and organizations alike.

Commenting on the same, Akarsh Singh, co-founder and CEO of Tsaaro, said, “ We are a data protection organization, and believe in privacy-first-culture, for all our audiences. We actively take constant efforts in the form of initiatives to educate and empower people upon aspects of privacy and governance of the same. We strive towards transforming the space with more such promising initiatives coming your way.” 

To further the objective of Data Privacy Week, Tsaaro is hosting a series of round-table conferences featuring prominent industry leaders to delve into the nuances of privacy. These round-table discussions will provide a platform for industry leaders to share new ideas and perspectives on the subject. The panel for each round-table will consist of four industry leaders and a moderator. A total of seven round-table conferences are planned throughout the week, with a focus on engaging industry stakeholders in discussions on various topics related to data privacy such as “Choosing the Right Privacy Solution for your Organization”, “Ensuring Privacy in Product Development”, “Balancing Data Usability And Data Privacy”, “The Cost of Compliance for DPDP Bill & How to Navigate it”, “Impact of the DPDP Bill on the Telecom Industry”, “Leading Women In Privacy” and “D2C Businesses & Privacy”.

To acknowledge the individuals who have made a significant impact in the field of data privacy through their contributions, efforts, and leadership, Tsaaro, as part of its Privacy Week event, will be presenting awards to deserving individuals from the industry. An external panel of industry experts will be responsible for selecting the award recipients based on the criteria for each award and nominations.

Additionally, Tsaaro is also offering free resources such as a privacy awareness training module, a privacy wordplay, a privacy awareness poster, and a guide on the new Digital Personal Data Protection Bill of India to further promote awareness and help organizations develop a privacy culture.