USD consortium is all set to uplift the survival of women with dignity with the power of Crowdfunding on Desiredwings

USD consortium is all set to uplift the survival of women with dignity with the power of Crowdfunding on Desiredwings

New Delhi, 2018: India is a country of goddesses where women are treated above all. The status of women in India has been subject to many great changes over the past few millennia. In this land of Gods and Goddesses, “Durga Ashtami” is celebrated every year with so much zeal and vigor, that its essence from one state of the Nation can be felt all across the globe. But then what is shocking is, the NUMBERS!

USD consortium is all set to uplift the survival of women with dignity with the power of Crowdfunding on Desiredwings

Yes, the number of women who are being traumatized in the marginalized sections or low-Income Group does not reflects the values and principles that ideally a country like India should portray, and this is where USD consortium( gets into picture. USD consortium is an NGO working PAN India, to ensure holistic development of youths and women through education, healthcare, skilling and creating awareness on various social, legal and financial issues in our Society.

The prime focus of USD Consortium has always been the socio-economic empowerment of women/girls through capacity building efforts and skill based women entrepreneurship.

To make the journey of Indian women from low-income Group, a respectable and dignified one, USD Group is leaving no stone unturned in uplifting these deprived women through trainings/up skilling in their preferred vocational trade, providing raw-material to them and then doing efforts to give world-wide recognition to the products created by these women under their recently launched Flagship Brand “USD WOMEN CREATIONS”

After a Survey [Sample Size of the Survey = 600, Age Group = Above 10 years in age]conducted by the USD Consortium on Girls / Women mostly from the marginalized sections of the Society, in East Delhi (Patparganj, I.P Ext. area in the duration of March – June 2017, it was found that more than 45% of women from marginalized sections in this area are inclined towards learning and making Sewing/ Tailoring as their profession.

“Limitations Exist Only in Our Mind” – This motto of USD Consortium and the various Counseling sessions with these women gave the initial motivation to hundreds of low – Income women to start believing in their immense potential and soon they decided to work for a sustainable dignified living by utilizing their creative skills, despite various domestic and/or economic issues.

Till date, the various initiatives/efforts of USD consortium were funded through their own resources, paid courses etc but now they seek crowd’s help in this noble endeavor. They have now launched a Crowdfunding Campaign on (India’s only women centric Crowdfunding platform) to help the underprivileged women by making it a nationwide drive.

Renu Bajpai, The Founder president of USD consortium, believes in Swami Vivekananda’s Saying, All Power is Within You. You can do anything and everything”. The Strong Inspirational pillars of USD Consortium Shri Uma Shankar Dixit ji and Dr. Kamlesh Dixit ji have made every USD Women a beliver in saying “Karm karte chalo, phal ki iccha mat karo”.

The appeal that USD Consortium intends to make through this campaign of theirs is that they have covered a lot of distance in making these Girls/Women (from Low-Income Group), understand the need of self- reliant income. These women are convinced with the path shown to them and are already putting in a lot of efforts to realize their dreams which were underlying the pressure of living a respectful life.

But now, as the number of needy women increase, the gap of having access to limited sources is trying to put us in the backseat. So, the team at USD Consortium today needs the support of all the sensitive people to come forward, contribute and help them in creating entrepreneurs and change makers of tomorrow. which is dedicated towards empowering women led initiatives is India’s first ever crowdfunding platform dedicated towards bridging the gap between women, access to funds and opportunities through their network of backers, partners , investors and mentors on the platform. In the past, has helped Yuvraj singh’s cancer foundation YOUWECAN in raising funds for cancer survivor kids, that trended on Twitter for a duration of 24 hours PAN INDIA.

Vikas Sharma (Co-founder, says, “At we are trying to play the role of being a catalyst that will paceup the speed of women led initiatives and help them in all sorts of aspects. In short, we are trying to be the wind beneath of wings of these astute women”.