XPDEL Launches Scalable & AI-enabled Shipping Solution in India After US Success

Ashish Chadha, CEO of XPDEL India
Ashish Chadha, CEO of XPDEL India

XPDEL’s shipping solution has the potential to enable small and medium-sized enterprises to maintain customer retention and enhance brand loyalty.

New Delhi, 23rd February 2023: XPDEL, a leading omnichannel fulfillment and logistics services provider, has launched its shipping solution in India after successful implementation in the US market. The XPDEL technology platform helps businesses choose the best shipping rates with the fastest delivery methods based on dimensions, distance, and service levels to provide an enhanced customer experience. By offering an option to choose the best carriers, it optimizes shipping costs while ensuring on-time delivery of shipments.

Developed by XPDEL’s in-house technology arm Advatix, the shipping solution offers the highest operational efficiency and scalability by significantly optimizing the entire shipping process. The platform is pre-integrated with a wide network of eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, WMSs, and ERPs, and offers advanced features such as Split Ship to help merchants ship from multiple locations or in batches. XPDEL’s smart dashboards allow real-time order tracking and branded tracking pages can be used to send order updates to customers through text or email. The platform also offers international shipping and an end-to-end return process.

Founded by Indian CEO Manish Kapoor in Los Angeles, XPDEL is expanding its footprint in India and helping businesses grow by delivering world-class services and solutions that are well-integrated with local, regional, national, and international carriers.

On expressing his mission for the Indian market Ashish Chadha, CEO of XPDEL India stated, “Delivery experience needs to take a center stage as approx. 85% of the customers would buy repeatedly from the same brand if satisfied with the services. Therefore, we are glad to introduce our tech-enabled shipping solution for B2B and D2C businesses, that helps them deliver unmatchable customer experience and simultaneously optimize their shipping cost like never before.”

“With our AI-enabled shipping platform, XPDEL has already set up new benchmarks in the US market, and now with our deep-rooted knowledge and experience, we will surely raise the bar in India as well.” He further added.

XPDEL has achieved a high success rate with its nationwide delivery services in the US and now covers over 22,000 pin codes in India.