Yeppar Team Give Tribute to God Of Cricket In Augmented Reality

Yeppar Team Give Tribute to God Of Cricket In Augmented Reality

Sachin Sachin! Clap clap clap, 5 years ago that great man retired but still this gives me Goosebumps. The debate is never about “do you love him, or not” it always is about “who loves Sachin more”. He has always united the diversified India and made cricket a religion for us. Have waited for his movie to release since the first rumour that came across us. I can proudly say that I am the biggest fan of Sachin. We’re a small IT based firm from Jaipur who’ve spent days and hours to give our very own Sachin a unique tribute, a present from our side as a thank -you for such beautiful memories he’s given us throughout our childhood and his professional career as the greatest cricket.

Yeppar Team Give Tribute to God Of Cricket In Augmented Reality

What we’ve done for Sachin sir is that for every time you scan any 10rs or 100rs note or Sachin’s movie poster or at our application “Yeppar” (available on play store and app store) you will see magic, a small gesture of love for him. Try it and I am certain it will blow your mind and you’ll share it with your friends and family! Through this we want you all to promote Sachin sir’s movie as much as it’s possible because I believe that’s the least that we can do for him. All along our childhood we’ve written letter’s to sir showing him our love and support for him not just that we’ve prayed for him to score a century in every match of his and as soon as he got out we’ve all turned off the television.

Good Luck For Sachin Biography Form Yeppar Team

It is a tribute to #Sachin sir from the biggest fan #Yeppar #Augmentedreality App.Watch Video>> Download Yeppar << Scan 100 Rs. Note>> See the #Magic.App Download Here ===> #cricketlover 😘

Yeppar ಅವರಿಂದ ಈ ದಿನದಂದು ಪೋಸ್ಟ್ ಮಾಡಲಾಗಿದೆ ಶನಿವಾರ, ಮೇ 27, 2017

He has served our nation in the best way it was possible, please help us reach out to people and Sachin sir and make this movie a great success.

Yeppar is india’s first augmented reality utility app, we are working to make this amazing technology more useful for world. Download yeppar app available on Play store and app store( Download Link given below).

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