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How This Bengaluru-based Wildlife Startup is Helping Wildlife Enthusiasts in Planning Their Wildlife Adventures

WildTrails is the only company with sightings info (with 4 years data) which is used to create predictive metric called sighting index and they are also the only company with an extensive network of experts trackers across most national parks and tiger reserves. Picking the right safari zone & having an expert tracker is 90% of getting great sightings!! Manjunath Gowda, CEO of WildTrails About the foundersThere are two...

How This Bengaluru-based Edutech Startup is Helping Students to Prepare for Upcoming Exams Using Social Media

Sookshmas is an initiative serving the education industry; it is the only social media platform that allows students to exchange thoughts, notes, study materials, doubts, and everything else related to education. It is playing a major role in uniting the entire education industry by allowing every element to connect with another thereby taking students understanding and reach beyond the physical limits of classrooms. Founded in 17th April 2017, Sookshmas allows students from every part of India to...

How This Interior Design Startup is Leveraging Aspirational Dreams of Urban Human Habitats

Elevating interior designing into an art of understanding spaces and customizing them to reflect the identities of their owners, Bonito Designs is a bespoke interior design studio that essentially brings in stories to spaces. It acquaints, familiarizes and understands the vision of the space owner and then strives to reflect them in a manner that corresponds, and exceeds the vision of its clients. Bonito Designs, headquartered in Bangalore,...

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