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New-age Success Mantras for Business

Over time, businesses have evolved owing to newer developments across a wide spectrum of domains. Starting a business today accompanies many challenges as the competition is fierce and the decisions that keep the company afloat are often tough. However, despite the hurdles on the journey to entrepreneurial success, 84% of business owners state that they would do it again. The technological revolution has changed the...

Intellectual Property Rights – A Reform Transforming the Education Sector

The National Intellectual Property Rights Policy, aimed at creating a "Creative India; Innovative India" was approved by the Indian cabinet on May 12, 2016. It is noteworthy that this is the first IPR policy that was ever framed by the Indian government, the policy was enacted to ensure compliance to the Doha Development Round and TRIPS Agreement. Along with the IPR policy, the Government of India also prepared a Scheme for IPR Awareness, under which a professional body – Cell for IPR Promotion and...

Fastest growing Regional Startups of 2019

According to a report by BBC, India being a country of 1.3 billion people has a very small number of English speakers that is - over 125 million. This clearly depicts that a majority of our population consists of regional language speakers. With increasing internet penetration and India being the most internet consumption heavy country with over 530 million users, it is giving content platforms to bag this opportunity and follow the ‘vernacular’...

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