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Short-Term Courses for Millennials in Finance in India

As a professor of Finance, now in my fourth decade of teaching, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with hundreds of young people transitioning from the University to the job market. During these conversations three hesitations often arise.  The first can be represented by students worried that theircoursework failed to coalesce into a solid foundation of the practice of finance, and the resulting lack of confidence in job interviews.  The second by students brimming with confidence but discouraged by the sinking feeling that...

Some Software Solutions Simplifying and Organizing Human Resources Functions

The work of an HR at MNCs and big companies is huge. They have to take care of things like hiring of employees, formulating HR policies, getting the appraisals done on time, regulating employee performance and most important of all retaining the best talent for the company. Companies have been maintaining a team of 8-10 HRs to take care of all these tasks. CEOs and HRs have constantly give importance to effectively manage the...

Top 6 Digital Marketing Career Opportunities in India

Digital marketing is the latest marketing trend in the business world. The way of selling products and services have evolved with the arrival of the digital era. Stats claim that about 400 million people use the internet daily and the number is ever increasing. Internet has become a necessity in a way. Brands and individuals prefer digital media over the traditional one because of the sheer growth prospect. Top Reasons for the Drastic Growth of Digital...

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