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Laptop Radiation: All you need to know about the potential danger and associated risks

Can you imagine your life without your laptop? Well, 90% of the world’s population would say ‘No’. Laptops are the key productive devices used by students, professionals, homemakers and even by kids for entertainment. But at the same time, they are also one of the most significant sources of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) radiation which are declared toxic by World Health organization. Like all wireless devices connected to WiFi, laptops use radio frequency (RF) energy. In May 2011, the International Agency...

Startup Trends: Why There is a Need to Shift to Packaged Food Products?

When it comes to food, everyone ensures safety, hygiene, and cleanliness in their kitchens but what about its hygienic condition before reaching there? Have you ever considered the possibility of transmission of communicable diseases when it comes in contact with human hands in the local kirana shops who sell loose and open food items? Also, the condition of the retail premises where it is sold also matters in maintenance of the quality of products. But such details are often...

11 Reasons Why Online Grocery Shopping is Better Than the Traditional Shopping

E-commerce is one of the online evolutions that India witnessed in the past 7-8 years & this evolution has changed the way India functions. Everything happens online and the availability of services and service providers on the internet contributed the most in this difference. Comfort is not a luxury anymore, but a mere handset with an internet connection. This is evident as the fashion online retail, electronic online retail, and other categories boomed rapidly in the past few years and...

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