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Startup Success Stories of Indian Entrepreneurs

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This Startup Develops An Integrated Healthcare Delivery System For Better Patient Experience

The Indian Healthcare System has a grave shortcoming and is crying for attention - the absence of an integrated healthcare delivery system. With Information Technology booming and startups innovating new ideas in the field of fashion, e-commerce, food delivery, very few actually thought of investing their time and resources into the healthcare sector. With the change in lifestyle and with the increasing level of stress, people give least priority to their health. Everyday new innovations and techniques are being developed...

This NGO aims towards empowering the youth and redirecting their energies in ways, which help the society as a whole

Each one of us knows that our society is in dire need of change. Each one of us is ready to curse the system and be damned about the same. Stop over for a second, leave things aside and question your conscience; How do we bring about change? Who brings about that change? All your thoughts and ideas shall be put to rest in a fraction of a second, for this is what none of us has ever bothered...

This Fashion App Aiming to Transform Every Woman Into a Fashionista!!

EstiloRobe is a fashion app that aims to provide a one-step solution for all fashionistas via wardbrobe management and various professional stylists. As a user, you can store all your wardrobe in a digitalized format on your smartphone and make new whimsical looks from your existing wardrobe itself. What more, you can also send in your looks to a professional stylist from within the EstiloRobe app and ask for their opinion and ideas regarding the same. Birth of EstiloRobe: Launched on...

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