Breathe Well-being: A Game-Changer in Diabetes Reversal Secures 50 Crores in Pre-Series B Funding

Aditya Kaicker, Co-founder & Chief Program officer and Rohan Verma, Co-founder and CEO, Breathe Well-being - L to R
Aditya Kaicker, Co-founder & Chief Program officer and Rohan Verma, Co-founder and CEO, Breathe Well-being - L to R

– Breathe Well-being offers a personalized, coach-led and community-focused approach for preventing, managing, and reversing Type 2 Diabetes

– The funds recently acquired will be allocated towards expanding the medical and coaching academy, scaling the technology platform, and growing the company’s team

– Breathe Well-being has assisted 50,000 individuals in reversing diabetes, achieving weight loss, lowering HbA1c levels, and avoiding health complications

Gurgaon, January 19, 2023: Gurgaon-based health-tech startup, Breathe Well-being, has raised INR 50 crores in a pre-series B funding round co-led by 3One4 Capital, Accel, and General Catalyst. The round also saw participation from FounderBank Capital and Supermorpheus. The company, which was founded by Rohan Verma (ex-McKinsey) and Aditya Kaicker (ex-Accenture) in 2020, provides a personalised coach-driven, community-first approach to prevent, manage, and reverse Type 2 Diabetes, instead of solely relying on medication.

The funds raised will be used to expand the core team, strengthen the medical and coaching academy, and scale up the technology platform to enhance the customer experience. To date, Breathe Well-being has helped 50,000 members achieve diabetes reversal, weight loss, reduced HbA1c levels, and prevented health complications.

Rohan Verma, Co-founder and CEO, Breathe Well-being says, “India is the diabetes capital of the world and we are on a mission to change that. Our aim is a Diabetes Mukt Bharat (Diabetes Free India) with the aim to reverse diabetes for 1 Million Indians by 2025 and we are well on track to achieve that goal. Referral is our strongest growth lever especially in non-metros and more than half our customers come through word of mouth.”

Radhika Ananth, Vice President, Accel, “We have been impressed by how quickly Breathe Well-being is becoming a household name for Type 2 Diabetes & Pre-Diabetes Reversal across Tier 2 and 3 cities of India. I realised the true value of what Rohan and Aditya are building at Breathe Well-being after seeing my own mother go through the program and reduce her HbA1c levels significantly. Hence Accel invested and we continue to back them in their vision of building a Diabetes Mukt Bharat.”

Breathe Well-being specializes in Diabetes Reversal, has developed India’s first clinically-proven program to prevent, manage and reverse Type 2 Diabetes. The program has a proven track record, with 95%+ participants showing an average reduction of 1.5% in their HbA1c levels, 98%+ participants eliminating medication and experiencing an average weight loss of 5.5 kg over the course of the program. This success has been recognized by the American Diabetes Association (ADA). The program emphasizes behavioral and lifestyle changes to prevent chronic lifestyle diseases and improve overall health.

Aditya Kaicker, Co-Founder and COO, Breathe Well-being says, “In our experience, game design and community driven programs deliver far superior health outcomes. We are seeing the highest level of efficacy and the magic happens when there’s strict adherence to the protocols. We have seen more than 90% of participants were able to sustain their results beyond 24 months into the program. This is a big indicator of how engaging our entire plan is and people’s active willingness to get off the diabetes medication. ”

Breathe Well-being has achieved a major milestone by being the first digital health technology company in Asia to have its clinical evidence published in three prestigious journals: the American Diabetes Association, the European Society of Endocrinology, and the American Association of Clinical Endocrinology. Their program, which has a 95%+ success rate in reducing HbA1c levels, eliminating medication, and achieving weight loss, is backed by their “No Outcome, No Pay” policy, ensuring that patients only pay if they see tangible results. With this new funding, Breathe aims to further expand its program and medical care team, making its promise of a diabetes-free life more accessible to patients.

Because of the strong clinical evidence and proven results, many of the leading Diabetologists & medical practitioners in India are using Breathe Well-being to help their patients with lifestyle modifications and adherence. Dr P. K. Goyal, MBBS, MD & DNB General Medicine, Fortis Hospital, New Delhi, says, “According to the latest guidelines by ADA, the first line of therapy for Type 2 Diabetes is Diabetes Education and lifestyle modifications. The biggest challenge any medical practitioner faces with Diabetic patients is the time required for Diabetes Education and customising the lifestyle modifications to create behavioural change. This is exactly where Breathe Well-being has proven to be a big boon in my practice. Complimenting my medical practice with powerful lifestyle modifications powered by Breathe is helping my patients get outstanding results for their Diabetes Management & Remission.”

The current core team at Breathe Well-being is made up of individuals from prestigious institutions like IITs and BITS Pilani, as well as top-tier consulting firms like McKinsey and Accenture. The team is continuously growing and expanding their expertise across various areas such as Product, Growth, Technology, and Analytics. In the future, Breathe Well-being aims to expand their digital therapeutic offerings to address other chronic conditions such as hypertension, PCOS, and gut disorders. The ultimate goal is to position the company as a leading player in the health and wellness industry globally.