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How This Delhi-based Start-up Established Its Brand Value and is Doing Wonders in the Gadget Repair Industry

When was the last time you went out to fix a glitch on your smartphone and were completely satisfied by the service? Never, Right? Most of the times, you are bound to come across your next-door gadget repair shop who see this opportunity to extract erroneous amount of money for petty repair services which lead to a lot of customer dissatisfaction and they’re left with no other option but to unwillingly opt for a new phone. With increasing affordability of the...

This Delhi-based Startup Aims to Be One Stop Solution Provider for Media Management

Rajnish Jain - Founder, Crossword PR Understanding the changing dynamics of Public Relations and to stay ahead in the race, team at Crossword Public Relations specialize in creating brand buzz and reaching the target consumers to leave a measurable impact. Crossword group is a specialist consortium of brands offering, under one umbrella, a range of services. It was launched in September 2015. We are publishing an interview with Mr. Rajnish Jain - Founder...

This Delhi-based Startup Aims to Bring Advertisers and Viewers Together for a Mutually Rewarding Relationship

OneOneDay blocks out intrusive ads and replaces them with Oodies – curated stories that you can choose when and where to watch. Every Oodie you watch earns you real cash. Cash that you can use to purchase all kinds of goodies, power-ups and rewards. OneOneDay has been launched in 1st January 2017 in Hong Kong and in July 2019 in India. This the date they register the company and start gathering the team. They launched the first...

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