Fintech start-up crosses 5000+ investors

Gaurav Perti, CEO,
Gaurav Perti, CEO,

Mumbai, February’18:, a startup in the personal finance space in India, is pleased to announce that we have crossed 5000+ investors in our platform. “We’re very happy to see that our growth has been exponential over the last couple of months”, says, Gaurav Perti – CEO,

The platform has 30% of active users and gains a monthly traffic of 3,00,000+ views. Fincash has its presence in over 153 cities, and we aim to expand our reach out to at least 200 cities in the next 3 months.

Almost 40% of our customers are first-time investors. And, interestingly, about 80% of our customers are Millennials.

Gaurav Perti, CEO,
Gaurav Perti, CEO,

“We see the glaring issue with most people is where to invest? We channel long-term savings into SIPs (Systematic Investment Plans) and then tax savings investments (ELSS) are the flavor of the season!”, says Gaurav Perti, addressing the different kinds of investors who interested in investing, but face issues in choosing the right plan and fund. “For first-time investors, and those who are risk-averse, we recommended liquid funds, so that the journey of investment can start. The investors find it a no-brainer since it’s a daily positive return product, but giving better returns than a savings account.”

Currently, we are offering 3 important products—SmartSIP, SavingsPlus, and TaxSaver, and we are getting a satisfactory and positive outlook by our investors about these solutions. With a simple registration process, one can start their investments with an amount as low as INR 500 a month.

“Fincash will be soon introducing new categories within these solutions that will help our investors to invest according to their investment needs. The new categories will allow users to invest in different time-frames, right from very short, short, mid to long duration, as per their needs. They can simply do a goal-wise investment via these solutions.”

“Fincash was launched two-years back, and today, we have crossed more than 5000+ investors and we are working exponentially towards adding users every month”, says Gaurav. was founded in 2016 by two individuals— Gaurav Perti & Pawan Kumar, from IIT Bombay having over in 12 years of experience each. The founders have extensive experience in the domain of financial services & technology. Nearly a year old, is a funded start-up in the Financial Technologies space (or FinTech). The startup aims to create an innovative online wealth management platform that is dynamic & differentiated in the marketplace.