Norton’s Holiday Cyber Safety Report: Understanding the Risks of Online Shopping


Mumbai, 2nd November 2023: Norton, the renowned consumer Cyber Safety brand of Gen™, has released its fresh Cyber Safety Insights Report, providing valuable insights into holiday shopping trends, online security practices, and consumer concerns among Indian shoppers.

The report, based on a survey conducted by Norton, presents intriguing revelations about the online habits and safety priorities of Indian consumers as the holiday season approaches. Here are some key insights:

Online Safety Precautions: A significant portion of Indian shoppers is taking steps to ensure their online safety during the festive season. Key actions include checking seller ratings (88%), verifying device security (85%), assessing a company’s social media presence (82%), avoiding non-authentic websites (76%), preferring third-party payment providers (73%), and steering clear of public or unsecured Wi-Fi networks (71%).

Holiday Shopping Enthusiasm: An overwhelming 96% of Indian consumers plan to engage in holiday shopping. They are willing to go to great lengths to secure high-demand gifts, including spending more than market value (30%), dedicating over three hours to online searches (41%), and, in some cases, sharing personal information to acquire gifts.

Risk-Taking Behavior: Some shoppers are willing to take risks that could compromise their online security, with 19% considering purchases from questionable websites, 31% open to buying from questionable third parties, and 18% even willing to explore the Dark Web.

Norton provides several tips for safeguarding against scams, including checking the details of unfamiliar online stores, avoiding deals that seem too good to be true, using secure passwords and password managers, monitoring financial statements for fraudulent activity, and exercising caution when using public Wi-Fi networks. Additionally, the report recommends using official shopping apps from trusted retailers when available and considering identity theft protection services such as Norton 360 with LifeLock Select.

The 2023 Norton Cyber Safety Insights Report offers valuable guidance to Indian consumers to ensure a safe and secure online shopping experience during the holiday season.

Details of the 2023 Norton Cyber Safety Insights Report: Special Release – Holiday