Jan 06, 2020: New Delhi, India – The New Year will see not only the maturing of online shopping but also the addition of millions of new shoppers as companies try & improve online shopping experiences in various ways.

20 E-commerce Predictions for 2020

The coming New Year will mark nearly a quarter-century of the internet and the many disruptions it has brought about. The phase of disruption will continue to accelerate with new ideas and innovations. Here is a list of things you can expect to be introduced or get bigger in e-commerce in 2020:

  • More Mobile: Increased affordability and better user experience will mean more and more people will shop via their smartphones
  • Reduction in Cash on Delivery: With massive innovations in payment options, users will see it more convenient to pay digitally, reducing cash on delivery
  • The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Edge: Increased AI usage in e-commerce will mean improved logistics, speedier deliveries and the improved buyer experience
  • C2M: Digitalization will allow platforms to source directly from factory, connecting consumers to manufacturing and helping consumers to avail the best possible price, in addition to getting a better product customization
  • New E-shoppers: Increased internet penetration will expand the e-commerce market as users become more familiar about conveniences and benefits of online
  • Tier 2 & 3 Expansion: E-commerce is creating a level-playing field for users in smaller towns and cities. As more and more users are getting online in these centres, they will be the key to the growth of E-commerce in the future
  • Subscription Services: More and more users will sign up for subscription services to regulate delivery and save more
  • Real-time Conversations: Chatbots will get better and step in to ensure chats are not abandoned midway
  • Voice Shopping: Voice interfaces and assistants will add to the experience of ordering products
  • Video Shopping: Shoppers are armed with better devices and want enhanced experiences. Videos will fill the void
  • Re-commerce: As the message of recycling amps up, this category will become big – catering to users like students, budget families and more
  • Expansion within Categories: 2020 will see an extension of many more categories as users become more comfortable expanding their shopping carts with newer products. Non-electronics products will also experience a boom as more users have started buying all essential and non-essential products online where they are assisted by a smart recommendation system to help match their demands
  • Product Customisation: Companies will offer choices tailored to your budget, needs and fit
  • Tech-driven Shopping Experiences: There will be increased experimentation with virtual mirrors – a combination of RFID technology and augmented reality
  • Enhanced Content in Local Languages: More and more people will shop in their local languages as e-shopping gets new buyers on board
  • Zero Commission marketplace platform: As more and more marketplace models are being adopted and launched by start-ups in India, we might see more of zero commission platforms in the future where e-commerce players will make it free to sell on their platform. Currently, Club Factory is the only commission-free E-commerce platform in India
  • Novel Marketing Strategies: E-commerce companies will customize their marketing plans based on differences between urban and rural buyers, shoppers in big cities and small towns and varied cultural ethos
  • Influencer Shopping: Celebrities, local and micro-influencers will play a greater role in making shopping decisions
  • Shared Commerce: 2020 will see an increase in shared e-commerce as people take up products on rent
  • Drone Delivery: This one has been long in the waiting. 2020 may see drones being used for last-mile delivery in some cases

Let’s gear up for a new and bigger e-shopping experience in 2020.