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5 eco-friendly home-grown brands in India

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Amit Verma
Amit Verma
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Single Use Plastic (SUP) has been proving to be extremely harmful for the environment and hence there is a dire need to eliminate its use. The environment department has now been banned completely in New Delhi. Such strict bans are an effective way of environment conservation and it will help in creating awareness around the complete ban of plastic which is extremely toxic for the environment. To provide easy alternatives to plastic, today many startups are manufacturing eco-friendly products that are easily bio-degradable, affordable and provide vast benefits.

Here is a list of Top 5 platforms that offer best eco-friendly products options:

Bamwoodo: Bamwoodo by 750AD healthcare is a unique way of grabbing the people’s attention on oral & haircare hygiene both. The brand introduces the Indian market to eco-friendly bamboo products at an affordable price. The Bamwoodo range of Bamboo Brushes, Tongue Scrapers, Cotton Buds, and Neem Combs is your best choice to lead a safe and healthy life. Realizing the need for and importance of offering sustainable products to its customers, 750AD, India’s premier healthcare brand has come up with its exclusive range of Charcoal bristles and Castor oil bristle Bamboo brushes.

Bamboo India: Bamboo India Mission founded in 2016 aims, “Its not for the income but for the outcome!” A perfect replacement to plastic products resulting into reduced waste. From bamboo brush to corporate gifts. Use of Bamboo-made products create a win-win situation for both: the nature & the mankind, and this is exactly what they strive for.

Bamboooz: Bamboooz started in 2010, with the objective of providing Bamboo, other eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives. Bamboooz shifts its focus to the manufacturing of bamboo products, other environmentally friendly and sustainable products. They emphasize quality and craftsmanship and keeping the price affordable. From Bamboo skewer to Bamboo Chopping Board, their products are beautiful, Durable, 100% Eco-friendly, Anti-microbial and Bio-degradable.

Uthkala: They are committed to use Zero or minimal reusable plastic in their products and packaging. Uthkala sells bamboo toothbrush, bamboo tongue cleaner, bamboo straws, bamboo cutlery, bottles, coconut coir and various bamboo art and craft products.

Bambrew: Bambrew continuously innovate towards sustainability, curating a host of eco-friendly products made from bamboo, sugarcane and seaweed. All their products are 100% handmade, reusable and the perfect natural substitute for plastic. They are lightweight, durable and also fully biodegradable. Plus, they use no chemicals or pesticides in their production. Their aim is not just to move towards a sustainable lifestyle, but also uplift local communities in the process. They advocate for responsible development, which ensures supporting locals while ensuring environmental sustainability for future generations. Their products are made by various tribes from across the country, and are 100% handmade. From harvesting to processing, they rely completely on expert local knowledge to bring the best to you.

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