September 23, 2019: E-cell hosted TechStars Startup Weekend Baddi, Women Edition on 20-22nd September 2019 at Chitkara University Himachal Pradesh. Start-up Weekend helps harness creativity and human potential by empowering individuals and teams to build and validate solutions to the opportunities and problems they experience every day. Through Start-up Weekend, people are able to pursue their passions and find the people they need to transform their visions into reality.

Chitkara University Himachal Pradesh

97 participants, 54 hours, a plethora of ideas brewing together. Startup Weekend Baddi Women 2019 was launched at Chitkara University by M.D. of Raglan Group, Ms. Ritu Singhal, Founder of Laari, Mr. Aditya Dave and Vice Chancellor, Chitkara University, Dr. Varinder Kanwar. A weekend of best pitches in the competition, a quest to bring idea to reality.

41 pitches were pitched their ideas and after the voting process, 11 teams were shortlisted and worked on their ideas for 46 hours.

Shortlisted Ideas

  1. Water Desalinator :- Solving the problem of Water deficiency by converting saline water to purified form.
  2. Rishton ka Chulha :- Selling authentic cuisines from every corner of India under one roof.
  3. Docs Now :- Providing various medical services, by connecting various doctors.
  4. Desk Store :- Providing refurbished and upgraded laptops.
  5. Realancers :- Connecting labour force and providing them employment according to their skill.
  6. Pitstop :- Hostel delivery service of all types of goods.
  7. Po-Go :– Booking your spot at sport’s fields.
  8. Boom Beventos :– Event Management Team taking care of organising events
  9. Heartstring :- Empowering women’s skills to make handmade goods.
  10. Vest the waste :- E- waste management services,by aggregation and segregation of plastic waste.
  11. Sensei – To make a routine monitoring device, which provides a time table based on the routine.

CEED invited 10 mentors for the mentoring and giving shape to the participant’s ideas. The day was divided into slots such that every team gets a chance to talk to the mentor.

The final pitch started at 17:00 hours and the jury panel included eminent personalities like Mr. Avelo Roy (MD Kolkata Ventures), Ms. Vidushi Malhotra ( Co-Founder & Chief Strategist at Ingenious Faces), Mr. Nalin Singh (Founder Natio Cultus) and Mr. Shivdeep Brar (Founder & CEO: Agvisi Technologies Pvt Ltd. ) .

Winners were announced for the Baddi Women start-up Weekend were:

  1. Realancers
  2. Pitstop
  3. Vest the Waste
Winners were announced for the Baddi Women start-up Weekend

In just 54 hours, participants experienced the highs and lows, fun, pressure that make up the life of a start-up and the winners get a fully sponsored trip to the Global women Start-up Weekend in Singapore.