New Delhi | 9th November 2020: For most of India’s workforce, working hours continue to spill over the earlier 8 hours norm. One problem is having to share space at the cost of comfort for a prolonged period, particularly the toilet. To help people restore their peace of mind and safety, Team Sirona, maker of PeeBuddy has launched PeeBuddy Before & After Toilet Spray Deodoriser & Disinfectant. 

PeeBuddy-Before and after Toilet-Seat Spray

Bringing the focus on others’ peace of mind apart from one’s own safety and hygiene, the spray addresses the dual problems of stench and germs. One of its kind, it is an instant, on the go toilet seat deodoriser and disinfectant that freshens up the toilet and kills 99.9% of germs. Infused with vanilla fragrance and alcohol, it saves you and the next person waiting in line from stinky embarrassment and breaks the vicious cycle of germ transfer from others to you to still others in 10 seconds. Being easy to carry and a 2-in-1 solution, it helps one take complete control over critical toilet hygiene anywhere, anytime.

Deep Bajaj, Founder & CEO of Sirona said, “Toilet hygiene is more than just about one’s own need for hygiene: It’s also about how fit you leave the space for the next person. Nobody finds a stinking toilet pot tolerable- be it your colleague at office or your partner/ roommate at home, doesn’t matter-. On top of it, is the issue of germ transfer. Team Sirona has designed this spray to offer a 2-in-1 solution, covering your as well as the other person’s toilet wellness.”

PeeBuddy Before & After Toilet Spray can be used in two ways- at home and outside. At home, spritz it after you use the toilet to save your roommate from the smelly assault. Outside, spray it before & after use for your safety & the next person’s use. 

Giving you a reason to never hold your breath and pee, it makes way for a happy & fresh toilet experience for everyone.