Mumbai | 20th January 2021: It was quite prominent that for even a minor task like hanging a photo frame and mirror to difficult applications like setting up acoustic and fiber panels on the wall, there was always a need to call a carpenter or the handy-man. Factors such as their availability, lack of resources or demand for high wages usually cause delays in the work. To save every individual time and money, strong adhesive tapes were brought out in the market, after which there has been an evident enthusiasm in accepting DIY projects. Pentagon Tapes has been dominating the Indian adhesive tape market and is committed to provide a wide range of adhesive tapes to suit every individual’s needs.

“We wanted to create a bonding solution which could suit each customer’s specific needs. Our research team was successful in developing a wide range of adhesive tapes which could either be used for temporary bonds or one which could be as strong as screwing with nails. We have expertise in tapes which are suitable for tasks like mounting, splicing, powder coating, bonding, and casketing which is certain to make even difficult projects seem like an easy task. Our products aim to provide an affordable solution for the common man, so that they can get their basic chores like fixing up a mirror or frame get done independently, without permanently damaging their surfaces”, said Mr Rahul Rajgaria, the Co-founder of Pentagon Tapes.