New Delhi, Delhi, India | 30th July 2020: AdPushup, a leading ad revenue optimization platform that helps independent web publishers, media companies and e-commerce platforms accelerate their growth, announced that it has entered into a long-term strategic partnership with iZooto, an owned audience marketing platform that helps publishers and retailers reduce their dependence on walled gardens using push notifications with advanced personalization and automation.

Both companies operate on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model and provide technology, solutions, and expertise primarily to online publishing and media organizations. iZooto’s strength lies in audience development, engagement, and retention, helping publishers build their own owned audience, while AdPushup specializes in optimizing revenue performance by leveraging in-house technology, premium demand partnerships, and proven ad operations expertise.

As startups, iZooto and AdPushup have had similar journeys, and we’re trying to solve the same problem for the same audience – just with different solutions. Our offerings are very complimentary and I’ve personally known Neel and Vivek for a while. We’re excited to build this strategic partnership and bring our ad optimization platform and iZooto’s owned audience monetization platform together for both our sets of publishers,” said Ankit Oberoi, Founder and CEO of AdPushup.

Ankit and his team at AdPushup have built a robust ad optimization platform and they have won accolades for the work they are doing for the publisher ecosystem globally. This partnership will allow iZooto to strengthen its relationship with existing enterprise publishing partners and also create opportunities for iZooto in new markets. There are natural synergies between the companies and this partnership will further build on our successes,” added Neel Kothari, CEO of iZooto.

AdPushup has a strong foothold in US and European markets, while iZooto is the leading push notification platform in India and SEA region. As part of the partnership, both companies will cross-sell their solutions, to provide more value to publishers, in addition to expanding market share and accelerating product adoption beyond their primary markets.