New Delhi, April 2020:, a video analytics company that helps organisations derive operational intelligence, monitor compliance and automate visual surveillance, has developed AI enabled thermal cameras to aid early detection of COVID-19 and combat the spread of the virus. With this global pandemic rippling across the world, the global healthcare sector has been under great distress. It has been duly noted that early detection of key symptoms can help in curbing the spread of COVID-19 and perhaps also save lives. Many industries internationally have dedicated their resources to help strengthen the healthcare sector in these troubled times. Contributing to this global initiative’s thermal sensor-based detection system is capable of scanning a large number of people from a distance up to 20 metres. The camera comes with a ready to use plug and play system which can be set up within 10 minutes. The USP of the product lies in the fact that it scans temperature within a fraction of seconds eliminating the need to stop and scan each person individually. This enables users to examine 80-100 people in one minute, ensuring fast data collection.

Commenting on this Arush Kakkar, founder of said, “Keeping in mind the precautionary measures that firms are taking to ensure smooth functioning once people start accessing public places, we have started taking orders for installing devices across various locations.  We currently have an order of 50 units and are also in talks with hotels, hospitals, and most major malls in Delhi for installing the device. We have also shared proposals with Municipal Corporations of multiple cities.”

He further added, “Our devices have already been installed in few co-working spaces like Incuspaze and also in few IT Parks as a safety measure. We see a growing demand for the thermal camera across locations like hospitals, metros, railway stations, airports and other locations that witness the large public movements. Since one of the early-stage symptoms of COVID – 19 is a high body temperature, thermal cameras covert infrared radiations into detectable pixel values and generate an audio-visual alert. This aids in identifying potential cases early on, reducing the chances of spreading virus. To ensure that no false alarms are raised, our camera is equipped with an artificial intelligence-based system to detect humans and measure temperature from the face.” 

Since this global pandemic has created fear in the minds of the public, Incuspaze has installed thermal cameras at all the centres. Mohit Srivastava, Chief Operating Officer, Incuspaze commented on this precautionary measure and said, “This is a very challenging time for the entire world and we understand that coming back from this setback is going to be tough. People will have to adapt to a “new normal” which would mean that people will remain vigilant and will be still be fearful of catching the virus when they come back to work. However, AI powered thermal cameras will help reduce stress as this will go a long way in detecting any anomalies in body temperature which is usually the first response from the human body to fight any pathogen. To ensure that our members stay safe and can work without stress, we have installed Agrex thermal cameras across all our centres. Having such high-end technological devices to scan and flag people whose body temperature is higher than normal will help us contain the spread of the virus after the lockdown is lifted and our members come back to their regular routines. We believe that this is going to help us in the years to come way beyond when COVID 19 is over.” in addition to thermal cameras has products for business Intelligence, compliance monitoring and surveillance and caters to clients in the retail, manufacturing and security space. The advanced video intelligence solutions provided by the brand are proficient to increase efficiency, reduce costs and optimise resource effectiveness for the clients. It is cost-effective and done in a non-invasive way leading to massive value for the products and services.

About is a video analytics company started in October 2018, by Arush Kakkar, an entrepreneur, author and a computer visionary. The brand is into the business of making physical spaces smart by using advanced video analytics and converting CCTV footage into actionable intelligence and caters to retail sectors, along with providing security and defence solutions.