Bangalore, Karnataka, India | 24th March 2020: Bizom, India’s leading retail intelligence platform, announced free subscription of its Retailer App and Tele-ordering solutions for consumer businesses in India and other emerging economies. Both solutions enable retailers to send their orders directly to the brand.

In COVID-19 times of social distancing and prophylactic measures, brands are conscious about the safety of their salespersons. Also, retailers don’t want travelling salespeople to enter their premises. Consequently, many retail stores are facing stockout situations of fast-moving product categories. Bizom’s self-ordering solutions help brands to avoid stockouts of their products.

Bizom trends, which analyses consumption and demand for consumer brands, showed how a near-complete shutdown during the Janta Curfew followed panic buying in early March. The asymmetrical demand and a lack of salespeople for order-taking are driving the industry towards Social-Distancing-based store-stocking mechanisms.

Bizom provides Social-Distancing-based store-stocking solutions for consumer businesses. They include:

1. Bizom Retailer App

The Bizom Retailer App enables self-ordering for a brand’s Key Retail Outlets and can be implemented in under two weeks. The mobile app, a B2B shopping app, is a simple installation for retailers. It lists and groups the brand’s products as per its product categories. The app’s interface is no different from that of leading e-commerce apps. All the user has to do is select the preferred SKUs and add them to their shopping carts.

The app also allows brands to customise the app to meet the requirements of their continually changing product categories. For instance, if an SKU runs out of stock, the brand can disable the given SKU from the app.

With the Bizom Retailer App, brands can take orders directly from retailers instead of the traditional order-taking approach, which requires high-touch from a salesperson.

Here are some of the key features of the Bizom Retailer App

  • Ability to enable self-ordering from the retailer to maintain the flow of products as per demand.
  • Provide product information directly through retailers including SKUs, competitor comparison, pricing etc.
  • Enable scheme rollout information through a notification on the app rather than through salespeople.
  • Track delivery of goods to the retailer.
  • Enable incentive payments to retailers directly rather than through distributor claims.

2. Bizom Tele-ordering

With sales teams going remote, Bizom’s tele-ordering solution is useful for brands who want to get salespeople to take orders from retailers, remotely. Here, salespeople can discuss product requirements with retailers and enter orders based on specific Outlet Types (grocery, chemist etc.), Outlet Class (Class A, Class B etc.) or based on their Beat or as per a Distributor. It ensures continued service to outlets despite not being physically present in the market.

Here are some of the key features of the Bizom Tele-ordering solution

  • Helps salespeople collect orders from retailers remotely and enter it for fulfilment into Bizom via a tool.
  • The flexibility offered to salespeople for remote servicing of retailers as per outlet type, beat, distributor area etc.
  • Secondary schemes get applied automatically.
  • Variable discounts will get applied as applicable at an SKU level.

Speaking about the current market situation, Lalit Bhise, CEO, Bizom said, “At Bizom, we are conscious of our responsibility to help brands run faster during these COVID-19 times. Our solutions of Bizom Retailer App and Bizom Tele-ordering have been built to ensure that brands can leverage this situation of low direct touch with retailers to enable a better way of working, remotely. I am trying to help brands go live in a few days so that they, in turn, can serve consumers better during these testing times.”