Home Latest Startup News & Updates for Indian Entrepreneurs Angel Investor, Startup Evangelist ​and Mentor Srikant Sastri launches ‘Chalo StartUp’ ​​A 10 Episode Video Series!

Angel Investor, Startup Evangelist ​and Mentor Srikant Sastri launches ‘Chalo StartUp’ ​​A 10 Episode Video Series!

Angel Investor, Startup Evangelist ​and Mentor Srikant Sastri launches ‘Chalo StartUp’ ​​A 10 Episode Video Series!

New Delhi, January​ ​​30, 2018: Srikant Sastri a startup evangelizer, angel investor and mentor launches ‘Chalo Start​U​p’, a 10-episode video series with inspiring lessons, ​start-up stories, ​tips on ​mistakes to avoid, etc. The series stresses on how to be a successful entrepreneur, the new job creators in India, and much more.

Chalo StartupSrikant Sastri is the co-founder of Crayon Data, the ambitious Singapore & India-based start-up that aims to build a global business around a Big Data, Artificial Intelligence​ ​and digital engagement platform. This is his third start-Up​. A​t Crayon, he is focused on financing and strategic partnerships.

An engineer from IIT, Kanpur and an MBA from IIM, Calcutta Srikant Sastri is a seasoned entrepreneur who has built and exited two successful ventures (Solutions Integrated; Team4U). Both businesses achieved scale (2000 employees, and 15,000 employees respectively) and market leadership before being acquired by Publicis Groupe & Randstad Holdings respectively.

​Speaking about the idea ​behind ‘Chalo Start​U​p’, Srikant Sastri says ‘’In late 2016 when I re-engaged with the startups after almost a 2 year gap, I was flooded with requests by numerous entrepreneurs and most of them had similar questions and concerns which led me to the creation of this video series. It will provide answers to the most common questions – What business to start; Should ​o​ne do it alone or have partners; How easy or difficult a process it ​is​; Whether language, gender or education ​are a barrier; Importance of fundin; Use of technology, etc.’’

Angel Investor, Startup Evangelist ​and Mentor Srikant Sastri launches 'Chalo StartUp' ​​A 10 Episode Video Series!
Srikant Sastri a startup evangelizer, angel investor and mentor

To provide momentum to this cause, ​Srikant has been speaking to students, would-be entrepreneurs, and early-stage startups across the country. Recently he was at Pune on Jan 10th, IIT Kanpur on Jan 27th-28th, and will be at IIT Roorkee on Feb 5th.​ ​At these events he spoke with the audience about how to initiate their startup, and then scale it up for growth and funding. He has also successfully conducted workshop focused on ‘StartUp Fundamentals’.

‘चलो StartUp’ video series is based on stories of real startups, with 10 key lessons for would-be entrepreneurs.

​Some of the episodes​ ​that are already available on ‘Chalo StartUp’ youtube channel are –
1. DON’T STRESS. STARTUP KARO! – A sports enthusiast’s dream to make India a sporty and fit nation. His startup Fitness365 (http://fitness365.me/) has taken over sports & physical education at schools, and completely professionalized it. Over 1 lac school kids will get detailed physical fitness report cards this year and his aim is 1 crore children. He has struggled to get here, but his passion is finally tasting success.

​The episode stresses ​upon the fact – ‘Passion is main reason why people become entrepreneurs if you have a dream, don’t waste it. STARTUP KARO!

2. KUCH REAL KARO! – Another young Indian got fed up seeing his women folks struggle with dirty public toilets and thus ‘PEE BUDDY’ born, where now women can now stand and pee. The episode talks about this hero who built a REAL STARTUP for REAL LIFE PROBLEMS rather than wasting time on fancy ideas.

The series will have more such interesting aspects and ideas for the million minds out there looking to build something on their own.

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